3 Things You Didn’t Know About Gray Hair

There are two types of people: the first one confidently embrace gray haired hairstyles, other feel a panic attack when see first gray strands on their heads.  It is quite strange how a single lock can change our mood completely, or even cause a depression. Nevertheless, maybe your sadness is caused by lack of knowledge? In fact, turning gray is absolutely natural process that is impossible to stop, but you can easily hide it, if you don’t like. People say gray strands are like a symbol of wisdom and intelligence, so it could be a reason to be proud of! Want to know more interesting facts about your hair? Check out our blog, created at good barber shop in nyc and update your worldview.

Fact # 1 Stress plays role
Of course, stress will not make you go gray directly. However, it serves as a trigger for a huge number of skin and hair illnesses. Such diseases can cause rapid hair loss or depigmentation in rare cases. It doesn’t mean you will earn one gray strand every time you lose your temper, but every stressful situation makes you one step closer to ashy mane.

Fact # 2 Lifestyle is also important
Do you have some bad habits? Smoking? Drinking alcohol? sleepless nights? All these things can change your hair color or even its inner structure. This point is closely related to the first one, because bad habits usually aggravate a pernicious effect of stresses. Combine these two and you will get nothing but  weak, brittle, lifeless hair and nails in young age.

Fact # 3 Genetics – is everything
You hair doesn’t turn gray, it already grows out in this way. When does it happen, depend on your genetics. Some people start to notice first gray strands in their twenties, other live carelessly until forty. Look at your parents, older brother and sisters and you will be able to assume when is your time to be.

Now you know a little bit more interesting and useful facts about your hair and organism in general. Treat your hair right, pamper it, avoid stresses and you will have gorgeous shiny shag until an old age.