4 grooming hacks every modern guy should know

Grooming can be tiresome and annoying at times. Because of it, we provide you four grooming hacks you should know and utilise!
#1. Use oils or conditioner when manscaping
To be able to see what you are going as well as prevent such potential shaving mistakes as nicks, redness, and razor burn. Unlike the thick shaving cream, the coconut oil or even your regular conditioner won't obscure your view when you are manscaping your nether regions, so there is a lower chance of hurting yourself. Apart from it, these products are also much more slippery, so they will ease the glide of your razor.
#2. Baby powder can prevent sweating and chafing
Dust a generous amount of baby powder on the area below your belt to prevent the body odour and bacteria buildup. The product will absorb the moisture leaving you dry and fresh for the rest of the day. You can also use this little trick on your armpits and even your hair! Moreover, baby powder is also a powerful oil absorbent so you can use this tip even on your face! Apply a little bit of it on your face or any other part of your body to prevent oiliness.
#3. Tame eyebrows with hair gel
Ungroomed eyebrows are not okay even if you are a male. Although you don't have to wax or pluck your caterpillars, it does not mean you can have them unkempt and messy. To tame your bushy eyebrows scoop a little bit of your hair gel and smooth it over the haywire hairs. By utilizing this trick, you can make yourself look neat and well-groomed without putting much effort into it.
#4. Use coconut oil to condition your hair and beard
If you want to get your mane soft and shiny, try using coconut oil instead of your usual conditioner. You can use it on both your hair and your beard to provide a proper hydration and nourishment.
Add these simple and efficient hacks to your grooming routine!