400w Led Flood Light – The Best Energy Saving And Eco-Friendly Option

Now the industries are looking for energy saving and eco-friendly flood lights. The 400W LED flood light is the best option for lighting needs of stadiums, industries, colleges, and municipalities. Its features include high quality, 5 years warranty, low maintenance cost, and energy saving.

Specifications of 400W LED Flood Light

    Dimming function with resistance, PWM signal or 1 to 10VDC
    Excellent thermal conducting efficiency with built in aluminum fins and copper pipes. It lowers the temperature of the light and improves lifespan and ensures consistent light.
    Flexible positions to adjust the project angles
    High brightness of 130 lm/W
    Maximum radiating area
    Waterproof rubber rings
    Power efficiency of more than 85%
    Color Rendering Index of more than 80
    Input Voltage: 100 to 277 VAC, 50-60 Hz

You can seek the help of a professional contractor or engineer to select the right frame for LED flood lights. You can get quotes from more than three vendors, compare the specifications, and costs and after sales service and choose the best lowest quote for your lighting needs.

The program can be used to compute the number of light fixtures and lights needed for your establishment or stadium lighting.

1000 Watt LED Light

The popularity of LED lights is increasing worldwide due to low maintenance costs, eco-friendly, and low energy requirement for the required illumination. You can make use of inexpensive parts to build 1000 Watt LED light on your own at home.

Parts Required for 1000 Watts LED Light

    Plexi glass sheet (55 cm x 35 cm min)
    2 meters of 12 AWG Paired wire
    Potentiometer – 22K
    Camera Shoe Adapter
    3 x 5 Neutral white LED strips
    Magnet wire
    Power Switch and connectors
    Resistor 6.8 Kohms
    2 aluminum tubes
    Large 6 mm MDF sheet
    100W step down voltage regulator
    Medium and small wood screws
    Small Fan

Tools Required for Building LED Panel

    Soldering iron
    Craft knife
    Wood glue

The LED panel being built uses just 100 Watts of electricity when compared to the light panels that consume 1000 Watts. Therefore, you can achieve great power savings with this LED light panel.

You can an LED panel with just US$70 when compared to the market price of US$600. It is flicker free.

You need to first build the frame. Get rid of excessive plastic using a hacksaw. Make two blocks of size 35 mm x 100 mm x 18 mm, 35 mm x 6 mm x 100 mm. Make a rectangle using the drill in one of the blocks. Make a rectangle for the shoe adapter in the other block. Stick the two blocks together.

You need to prepare a back panel with dimensions of 35 cm x 55 cm. Make two holes in the tripod mat using a drill. Now fix the screws. Now, you need to take two aluminum tubes of length 27 cm each and third one 47 cm.

Next, make 6 MDF blocks with dimensions of 6 cm x 2 cm. You need to make a hole in each of the blocks to insert the aluminum tubes for handles of the panel. Now, secure the panel to the handles using screws. Now take out the 16 cm of insulation of the wire and drive it through the wholes of the panel on the front side (on both sides of the panel i.e. Two strips of copper wire).

Now cut the LEDs in thirteen 65 cms strips each. Remove the water proofing material at both ends of the strips. Make horizontal dividing lines on the front panel. Now, stick the LED strips by removing bottom tape of each strip on the Panel.

Now make use of magnet wire to connect the LED strips. You need to connect the positive terminal of each LED strip to the copper wire on the left side of the panel using solder and soldering iron. Repeat the same procedure on the right side of the panel by connecting the negative terminal of each LED strip. Now add the Plexi glass sheet to protect the LED strips.

Now connect the dimming circuit and power up the LED panel.


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