6 Reasons To See The World

Young people and old folks alike are travelling more now than ever before. It could be because travelling is less expensive than it used to be, with a host of deals, discounts and world tour packages now in the market. On the other hand, the extra travel could also be happening because people have realised the true impact that travel can have on one's life. If you’re the kind of person who still isn't convinced that you should get out there and see the world, we're here to open your mind! Here are six reasons why you need to get out of your comfort zone, pack your bags and travel the world.

1. You’ll make new friends wherever you go
You can never really have too many friends. And you can learn so much from people who have grown up in situations and locations different than the ones you’re accustomed to. You’ll be exposed to all sorts of cultures and all sorts of people, and be able to see things from a different perspective with every new place you visit.

2. You’ll build your character
Travelling is known to make you more outgoing and open to opportunity. It’s true what they say, the more you see, the more you know. Immersing yourself in different cultures will make you wiser. Travelling also teaches you to appreciate the little things and to be grateful for all you have.

3. You’ll become more interesting
People always love a good travel story. Seeing new places and trying new things will ensure you always have a story to break the ice when you meet new people. Sharing stories is a great way to make people comfortable and to get them talking. You probably had someone who inspired you to travel. Now you can be that person to someone else.

4. You’ll broaden your horizons
If you ever saw a country or its people a certain way, actually travelling there will show you just how little you actually know in the most beautiful way possible. You’ll see things in a new light once you really understand their unique culture and you’ll be all the happier for it. You’ll be surprised to find that no matter how different people may seem, we’re all actually very alike in many ways, and that’s a magnificent thing. You’ll learn new languages and cuisines, and build confidence that you never knew you had within you.

5. You’ll learn to live in the moment
We often get caught up in the past or tied down by worrying about the future. Travelling helps you fully appreciate the now. You’ll learn to listen to your heart when it tells you to stay back in a new country for a few more days because you’re not done exploring, or because it has more to teach you. You’ll learn to drive till dark or dance till dawn, without worrying about what happens next, and that’s a freeing experience.

6. You’ll be happier
In life, the more you experience, the more joy you feel. It’s simple. Ask yourself if you would rather spend your free time at a bar or parked in front of the television, or would you want to go somewhere new and meet interesting new people and learn exciting new things?
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