Bed Bugs Treatment Services and Pest Control : Advanced Services

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Bed bugs are not only a present-day problem. They have transcended thousands of years and are still going strong with their presence and menace.

Bed Bugs Even Bugged The Ancients!
Bed bugs are ancient creatures and were present in Greece in 400 BC. They bothered Aristotle and Pliny, as we find the mention of bedbugs in their writings.

We do not, however, find mention of any bed bug pest control system nor were any bed bug treatment services available during those times (AD 77)!

Bed Bugs Were Acclaimed Till 18th Century!
On the contrary, Pliny’s Natural History claimed that bed bugs had medicinal value that was considered helpful in treating snake bites and ear infections (such kind of assumption of the therapeutic value of bed bugs persisted till 18th Century)!

The intensity of bed bug infestations in developed countries has increased drastically since the 1980s. Mostly due to increased international travel, resistance to insecticides, and use of new pest-control techniques that do not affect bed bugs and need advanced pest control services.

Perfect Nomenclature!
Bed bug (Cimex lectularius) derives its name from its favorite habitat of warm houses especially inside beds, bedding, or other sleep areas. Though not entirely nocturnal, bed bugs are mainly active at night.
They feed on their hosts (humans) without being noticed.

Bugging Effects
Beg bugs are not known to transmit any disease as vectors. However, their bites cause adverse health effects including skin rashes, allergic symptoms, and psychological impact. Homes, therefore, do need advanced pest control services to remove bed bugs and prevent them from spreading.

Bugging Indication
There are specific signs and symptoms indicating the presence of bed bugs:

1. An adult bed bug is like the size of an apple seed and confirms the presence of its community.
2. As juveniles grow they molt (shed skin). Detection of skins indicates bed bug presence.
3. Droppings leave a black or a brown stain on porous surfaces or black/brown mounds on nonporous surfaces.
4. Bites also indicate bed bugs in action though not a reliable indication and other sources as mentioned above need to be traced.

Any of the above symptoms will hint/confirm the presence of bed bugs in your home that need bed bug pest control system or bed bugs treatment services.