Benefits of 1000 Watt LED Light for Sports

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LED lights are environment friendly and the best preferred green light option. They offer energy savings of over 80%. The key features of 1000 Watt LED Light include proven driver, good quality Chip, IP 65 protection for outdoor and indoor use, tempered clear glass diffuser, manufactured using retrofit aluminum and copper, No Near IR or UV radiation in the LED light beam, luminous flux of 90,000 lumens, excellent heat dissipation through aluminum, adjustable stand for easy installation, directional light at different angles, input voltage between 95V and 295V, toughened glass, and 3 to 5 years warranty.

The 1000 Watt LED Light is widely used in applications like Road Lighting, Port Lighting, Airport Lighting, Rail Lighting, Sports Lighting and Industrial/ Commercial Lighting. It provides a light output almost equivalent to 4000 W Metal Halide Bulb.

You need to choose the high quality Sports Lighting Fixtures for outdoor and indoor sports applications. They are the direct replacement for use in baseball, domes, soccer, multi-event centers, basketball arenas, air supported structures and gymnasiums etc.

Many online stores are offering 10% discount on Sports Lighting Fixtures and 1000 Watt LED Light disaster applications like hurricanes. Web chat facility is available at many online stores. You can chat directly with the customer care executives and enquire about 5 year warranty; specifications of the LED light, the durability of the light, and other features and a discount.

The customer care executives offer discount codes for online purchases. It helps to enhance your savings on your online purchase. You need to enter the discount code at the time of payment for savings on the final bill.  You can also maximize savings on bulk purchases for all of the stadium lights.  It is suggested to compare prices of the LED lights and Light fixtures after visiting various online stores. You need to choose good quality lights and LED fixtures of reputed brands for your lighting.

It is necessary to look at features like electronic control for dimming, color change, automatic ON/ OFF switching; heat output of LED bulb, Location of the LED bulb, flashing capacity, estimated energy cost, connector type or base of the LED bulb, type of LED bulb, and warm up speed when buying LED Lights.

The base of the LED Bulb is very important when you intend to replace the bulb in the existing light holder. All these factors will help to choose the best LED bulb for your replacement needs.

Nowadays, many companies are offering centralized control and monitoring facility for LED lights. It is also called CCMS for your LED lights.

Installation of CCMS boxes allows controlling of the LED lights from a single location and save energy. It allows finding the defective LED lights and ensures prompt replacement.  You can also switch ON or OFF the LED lights when lighting is not required. It also provides a dimming facility for the LED lights. These advanced facilities along with high quality LED and LED light fixtures to safeguard the environment and save the energy bill. It is the best option for industries and sports alike for lighting.


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