Best Treatment For Over Dried Mane And Scalp

Suffer from dandruff, brittle mane and over dryness? Check out these best ways provided by the top specialists at the barber shop NY to solve these common problems effortlessly and what is more important - natural and cheap way.

#1 More water
All we know that we consist of water on 80% and for this reason, it’s important to drink 8-9 glasses of fresh water every day and more if you do sports regularly. This simple tip will help all body to stay hydrated. Healthy and hydrated body means a healthy scalp and mane, so make a golden rule for yourself to drink fresh water regularly. Avoid drinking sweet juices, tea, coffee and sodas, because the sugar in their content can’t truly satisfy thirsty and dehydrate you more as well.

#2 Fats
Help your mane and scalp stay healthy by eating enough amount of fats, and we don’t mean eating more of fatty dishes. Add more raw seeds, nuts and avocados to daily meals. They are full of natural fats, vitamins E and A, which help mane to stay healthy, radiant and manageable. Only a handful of any seeds (sunflower, flax, pumpkin, chia seeds) and nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashews and other) will provide you with a daily norm of essential fats and other vitamins. Add some avocados to salads, make your meals tastier and nourishing with these delicious products.

#3 Green leafy plants
Kale, spinach, turnip green, parsley and other green leafy vegetables are full of cellulose, zinc and calcium. Cellulose helps a body to remove all toxins from an organism and recover it naturally and as a result - healthy you and strong mane. Zinc and calcium strengthen scalp and hair, make them strong and radiant as well.

#4 Firm natural mask
Apply the following firm mask before every washing and make hair look luminous without any dandruff. Rub a warm coconut oil on scalp and all over the mane length, wait for approximately 30 minutes and wash it out. After the first usage, the result will astonish you - clear head with no dandruff.

Stay healthy by following these simple pieces of advice regularly.

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