Best Ways To Make Your Skin Supple And Radiant

There are so many things which can take a toll on facial skin condition: inconsistent nutrition, ecology, different weather conditions, etc. How can you change it and make skin luminous and soft? It can be effortless if you follow the next tips, provided by the top specialists at the best barber shop in New York City.

#1 More water
Yep, it can be bizarre, but for a clean face, you need to provide a body with enough amount of fresh water every day. We consist of water on 80%, so if you don’t hydrate a body properly, it will suffer with over dryness and won’t be able to remove all the toxins. So please, make a golden rule for yourself to drink at least 8-9 glasses of fresh water every day; drink more if you do sports. And don’t forget that tea, coffee, packed juices, and sodas can’t hydrate you due to the high sugar content.

#2 Healthy nutrition
Our face is an indicator of inner health, and for this reason, you should recheck your nutrition. Eating lots of unhealthy fast foods, fried, spicy and salty dishes brings you with lots of toxins and body tries to remove them in different ways: acnes, pimples and so on. Make a right decision and eat more healthy foods such as fruit, veggies, and green leafy plants. They are full of cellulose, which helps an organism to remove toxins through the stomach.

#3 Organic scrubs
The best way to treat facial skin is an organic one. Try to make a very easy scrub with a minimum cost: combine a ½ cup of a coconut oil with a ½ cup of sugar for normal skin or with a ½ cup of sea salt for a too oily skin. Gently massage the mixture on face and rinse it with warm water. Coconut oil will moisturize it, and sugar or salt will remove excess oils, flakes, and make it supple and very soft.

#4 Deeply moisturizing
If you still haven’t got a daily moisturizing cream - just go to the store and buy it! It’s vital to moisturize skin daily - in the morning and evening, after each scrubbing and more in winter.

The main secret of a proper skin treatment - is to follow all these tips regularly!

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