Betty S. Egger - Working With Dogs for Decades

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Betty S. Egger spent over twenty years operating her dog boarding and training business out of her home in Mercer Island, Washington. Although she retired early this year, she continues to devote her life to the welfare of dogs and their owners throughout her community. Her friends and neighbors continue to turn to her for help training and caring for their dogs. Egger says that dogs and humans go back thousands of years as symbiotic species, and the better we treat them, the better we treat ourselves. Egger has trained many dogs in her community so that they have another chance at being in a happy and loving home.

Betty S. Egger says that one of the problems with people and dogs is that too many families or individuals adopt dogs before they’re ready. She says that training a dog and taking care of it takes patience and a willingness to let the dog be itself to some extent. Many new dog owners aren’t ready for the kind of commitment that comes with owning a dog, especially a new puppy, which needs plenty of attention and care. Many dogs languish in pounds and shelters because their one-time owners didn’t know how to take care of them. With training, any dog can find a loving and happy home. Learning potty training and obedience saves many dogs’ lives, because instead of going to a kill shelter, they are more likely to find a home with a family that will take care of them. 

Betty S. Egger has built a career and a business out of her compassion for dogs and the people who own them. She plans on continuing to work with no-kill shelters in the area to raise money for their cause in the region. She believes that dogs, just like people, can be rehabilitated with enough care, attention, and training. Egger is known throughout Mercer Island as “the Dog Lady” because of her ability to communicate with dogs, her extensive compassion for dogs, and for her five dogs that she still owns. She is known for walking them around the island. She thinks of them as the community’s dogs, rather than her own, and she invites everyone in her community to know them and play with them. Egger continues to lead the charge for activism in the area related to dogs, and works directly with many shelters in their daily operations and outreach, as well as fundraising. With her work in the community and her reputation as a local dog whisperer, she has created a reputation as one of the most beloved residents of Mercer Island. For more information about Betty S. Egger visit :-