Bhangra Dance Classes in Mohali

Bhangra is the folk dance of Punjab that is performed on the joyful moment on the time of the harvesting. In this dance form the Bhangra is performed on the Punjabi lyrics called Boliyan and drum is played to perform Bhangra on that beat of drum this dance is performed. Now Bhangra has taken a new form and people start performing a dance on the western music. There are many moves in Bhangra like shoulder shrugging, toe tapping, head shaking on the contagious beat of dhol. Bhangra is now a new form of fitness dance as there are many Gyms and Fitness centers where there are professional trainers that teach the dance to the and guides you to the best of the moves to burn the excess of calories.
Sona Gym and Spa is the fitness center, that provides you with the best of the Bhangra dance classes in Mohali. Bhangra is one of the Cardiovascular exercises, that helps to circulate the blood in the whole body. Bhangra is the lively dance. It has mostly seen that on the beat of dhol and Punjabi music mostly every people start dancing. It is very enjoyable dance. The 45 minutes workout of Bhangra can burn 600 calories of the all while still having fun. It is equivalent to do treadmill, elliptical or 45 minutes. There are professional Bhangra trainers in the Sona Gym and Spa that make this Bhangra Dance form more easy and enjoyable. They make all the difficult steps of Bhangra easy. Our Bhangra trainer makes this dance possible for all age group people. Bhangra is also very helpful to gain stamina.
Many kinds of properties that are used in Bhangra like sticks and kirtans are very helpful for the biceps and triceps. Human pyramids are also made in this dance that gives the full body strength. The best thing of Bhangra dance is that it is not popular in North India- It is popular in whole India as well as in foreign countries. So, don’t waste your timing in thinking much, go and register yourself on Sona gym and spa and get yourself fit and trained with Bhangra dance. Get your body stamina increased with this dance form and uplift your mood with it. Browse and get to know about our all services. Call us now at 098888 91318 to register yourself for Bhangra Dance Classes in Mohali.