Buying a vacuum cleaner?Look for the best canister vacuum reviews!

Vacuum cleaners have become a part of the daily lives of most around the world. Busy schedules, unavailability of help and a wide range of cleaning needs mean that the good old mop and duster days are all but gone. However, most people buy vacuum cleaners based on reviews from friends, online ratings, cost effectiveness, etc. But while all of these parameters are good, it is a fact that cleaning needs differ from person to person and the vacuum you buy should be guided primarily by your needs.

So if you are in the market looking for a canister vacuum cleaner, this article will provide you with all of the points to ponder over before your purchase.

Have pets?

    If you have pets (specifically dogs, cats, bunnies, etc.), you already know the amount of hair that makes its way around your house.
    Your vacuum cleaner has to be equipped to pick up pet hair.
    If you look up the best canister vacuum reviews, they ask you to look for Pet attachments (like the Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum).

Have allergies?

    If you are allergic to small dust particles, pollen, etc., you should look for a vacuum that has a HEPA filter to lock in minute particles and prevent it from being released in the air.
    Remember to be extra careful while you empty out the canister.
    One great option for you to consider is the Dyson V6 Cord-Free Vacuum.

Do you want bags?

    Vacuums with bags need to be replaced with new ones on a regular basis, and these bags cost a few dollars.
    If you prefer it, go for the bagless systems which just need to be rinsed or dusted after use.
    One option is the Bissell Power groom Bagless Vacuum.


    Depending on the type of flooring (carpet or hardwood), your choice of vacuum needs to change.
    Canister vacuums work great on hardwood floors since they are lightweight and easily fit under and around furniture.
    A great example is the Bissell Hard Floor Expert which is designed for such floors.

Additional points to consider

    While a large capacity canister means more work gets done, it also means a lot of heavy lifting. Think about how you use a vacuum before settling on a size.
    Look for long power cords so that you can cover a wide area.
    A long hose gets more work done.
    Go for only those attachments that will help you.

Use these pointers to get an idea and go online for the best canister vacuum reviews! Check out more…