Consider these before you Rent Moonwalks in Pearland

Inflatable structures, popularly known as moonwalks or bouncing castles, are often used to bring in an element of fun to events like birthday parties, festivals, family gatherings, and so. This is especially true when the gathering involves kids and young children. The structures are easily available for rent in and around Pearland. When renting them, you need to pay attention to a few things. Here are some important ones.

The price and time period

There is a certain price that you have to pay when you rent the moonwalk. This maybe an hourly charge, or for a fixed minimum duration, which when exceeded gets billed on a variable basis. Speak to your vendor to see what the price covers, and how the billing is done. You may need to pay some money upfront as advance or a security deposit towards the inflatable structures that you borrow. Also determine how long you can rent these structures for. Most of them rent it out for a few hours or a full day, but in case you have an extended event planned. You may want the moonwalk to be set up for a longer time period. Discuss this duration with your vendor, and see if the billing criteria involves discounts in this case.

Set up and additional props

A moonwalk in an inflatable structure, and hence needs a blower to blow it up into its actual size and form. This blower needs to be set up close to a power source, and may need a generator for back-up power in case you do not have a power source, or if you there are power outages that can happen. Check with your vendor on what equipment are covered in the rental plan, and how the set up will be done. Most rentals set up the entire structure for you and dismantle it once you are done with your event.

Safety and cleanliness

Safety is of utmost importance when operating and using moonwalks and bouncy castles. Before renting the equipment, ensure that they are tested for safety, and that they meet the standards that have been laid down for such structures. Also take note of safety instructions that need to be followed when using them, lest an accident occurs and the guests get injured. Also speak with your vendors to ensure cleanliness and proper working of the equipment. Professional rental companies will always guarantee these services to you.

Delivery terms

Transporting moonwalks in your own vehicle may not be a great idea, especially considering the other equipment and props that go with it. Always check with your rental service provider for the terms of delivery. Many of them offer free delivery and pick up in and around Pearland. In case there are additional charges involved, discuss the terms before you make a booking or payment.

Reservation and cancellation policies

As with any service, vendors of moonwalk rentals have the right to reserve or cancel bookings in case of various events. Unsuitable weather conditions like rain, winds, or cold temperatures that can affect the functioning and safety of the equipment and guests may result in the cancellation of a rental. So before you hire a moonwalk, speak to your service provider and gain a clear understanding of what their reservation and cancellation policies. Also ask for details on refunds that are associated with such unforeseen events.

Paying attention to the above mentioned details can helps you pick the right vendor of moonwalk rentals in Pearland and avoid an unpleasant experience.


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