content writing as a career

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What is content writing?
Content writing is a form of online writing which is closely linked to web marketing campaigns. This means creating the writing which appears on websites that are designed to sell or promote a specific product.

As  taking up content writing as a career in India is great choice .I believe that is what has given rise to Digital Marketing as well , a person proficient in English and well versed with the art and style of writing digital content for diversified online portals must go for this career choice . As it is highly rewarding, if you have the voice that can influence the viewer who is your probable customer and manage to convert that into a lead then that’s definitely an achievement.

Is content writing a good career in India?
Content writing as a careerYes, content writing a good career in India, because Small and large business needing more online exposure have to consider SEO services. It creates user-friendly website, faster and much website.Google on-page site optimisation directly improves the user experience while achieving better ranking for you.

Content writing a good career in India, because hiring a content writer in India is must for the following reasons:

Content writer save time and money .It eliminates the need for hiring a full –time employee and training him.

Sure to get a better result with the professional content writer. A dedicated writer ensures that the customer attains the fine result. Thus, there is some bit of flexibility, pay only for that content that are approved.

“If Content is the KING, then Conversion is the QUEEN”. Hence Content Writing as a Career is good for Graduates who are passionate in Blogging.
Skills required for good content writer:
Experience in creating content for internet companies and IT firms.

Maintain a broad knowledge of new technology, equipment, and systems.

Should have a technical bent of mind and ready to learn new technologies.

Team development and engagement skills; ability to work as a team and achieve team results.

Knowledge and experience of SEO and related terms such as keywords, page rank and rankings.

Understanding of Data Centre/Technical Support/Ecommerce and Business in general

Ability to understand what branding is, how to brand a company using effective copy and words.

Content marketing cycle:Content writing as a career
The content should be findable, readable, understandable, actionable and shareable then you become a good content writer. Content Writing is a challenging career in India and by challenging I mean, interesting but a little full of struggle. Today SEO content writing is on great demand and writing articles with keywords and SEO rich content is required.

Content writers in India have a good future and getting huge salaries. Choosing Indian content writers because you get access to knowledgeable writers having skills in writing, Services are cost effective, Customised and high-quality content is assured, Superior quality content is ensured.

Content writing tips:
Know your target Audience.
Search your keywords related to the content.
Create meaningful latent semantic indexing keywords.
Skip unnecessary words and ensure title description should match with the body of content.
Shorten your text and it’s important that keywords used should flow in natural way in the content.