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Plymart Decor offers some interesting products for interior furnishing and exterior decor. We have carefully selected our portfolio with products that offer beauty, quality, and value for money. We welcome you to discover our offerings and it will be our pleasure to receive your inquiry and feedback.
EVERWOOD wpc decks are designed and built for practically anywhere outdoors – whether, at a residence or high traffic large commercial developments, our decking planks perform alike. The natural look of wood conveys grandeur around swimming pools, on walkways, verandahs, patios or any outdoor space.
Reversible planks, completely resistant to algae, termites, and eventually rot, our decks require no maintenance except occasional hosing to keep clean or free from dirt and dust. Unlike wood, Everwood deck planks retain their original aesthetics overextended life spans with no requirement of periodic oiling to protect against UV exposure.It’s the most aesthetic, durable and long-term investment in decking available.
EVERWOOD the cladding is the most natural and economic facade solution that lends your building an environmentally friendly and unmistakeable first impression that is durable with the natural look of wood.EVERWOODOur cladding boards lend an attractive appearance of wood, undifferentiating between contemporary or futuristically looking residences and commercial buildings.
The ideal cladding solution for new or old buildings, Everwood cladding boards are UV stable and give a natural appearance of wood which does not need regular maintenance, painting or sealing. Far more economical to other materials and quick to install, WPC cladding is low cost with minimal recurring maintenance costs.
The natural look of EVERWOOD lightweight and impact resistant profiles offer great design flexibility in pergolas and facade fins. High strength sections are insect proof and perfectly suited for outdoor use with a guaranteed long lifespan retaining the look of wood.
Everwood hollow sections are the befitting material for construction of pergolas, gazebos and elevation fins. Whether terrace or garden pergolas, car parks, cantilever or vertical elevation fins our lightweight profiles replace heavy steel sections and wood which demand periodic painting and surface coating to retain their original condition.
A range of posts, beams, and fins, offer design options in pergolas and fins. High strength profiles are impact resistant and termite-proof, perfectly suited for ground-level outdoor use, guaranteeing a far longer span than conventional wood pergolas. Available in natural wood colors, these profiles require no maintenance over time except hosing to free from dirt and dust to renew their original elegance.

Our pergolas and fins have treated mild steel inserts for long spans and installations required to endure loads of glass or other materials that could be used to provide cover from rain or sunshine. Specialized anti-corrosive hardware and fittings make for easy and quick installation or dismantling.
Cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree, Quercus Suber L, which grows mainly in the Mediterranean region of the world. The bark is a vegetal tissue composed of an agglomeration of cells filled with an air-like gas and lined with alternating layers of cellulose and suberin. Each cubic centimeter of cork’s structure contains between 30 and 40 million cells.Cork oak forests cover approximately 2.5 million hectares primarily in seven countries: Portugal, Algeria, Spain, Morocco, France, Italy, and Tunisia. This tree has a lifespan of about 300 years and it must be 25 years old before it can provide its first harvest of cork. Cork is stripped from the trunk in a sustainable manner every nine years and does not harm the tree in any way. After harvesting, a new layer of cork starts generating.
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