Dungeon Leveling Tip #1 - Identify Your Characters Role!

It's probably safe to say that of you've been playing Wold of Warcraft for any length of time then you've probably played and conquered a few dungeons and seen just how beneficial they can be. Dungeons are without a doubt the best leveling strategy for WoW when used correctly.

The problem is though that they can often take a bit of getting used to and without a dungeon leveling guide you're not going to fully benefit from your dungeons experience.

The following 4 tips will help ensure you're getting the most out of dungeons and not just wasting time.
Dungeon Leveling Tip #1 - Identify Your Characters Role!

Identify your characters role and ensure you have the proper specs, for example if you're a healer you'll find that you're in high demand for groups but just because you have a couple of healing spells doesn't make you an ideal healer that will fully benefit the group. The same could be said for players who are tanking, this is often confused with dealing damage which isn't the tankers job. Find more A tanker should be able to take fire and create a distraction putting fire on them while the damage dealers deal out the damage.

Dungeon Leveling Tip #2 - Start Conquering Dungeons From Level 15!
Make sure you get involved in dungeons early on in the game, dungeons aren't currently available to a player until they cap level 15 but as soon as you reach that cap you should start queuing for dungeons.This will get you in a routine of queuing for dungeons in-between solo-questing but more importantly you'll pick up your classes strengths and weaknesses when interacting in group activities.

Dungeon Leveling Tip #3 - Complete The Dungeon Quests!
This is a crucial part of any dungeon leveling strategy which is all to often overlooked by players just racing through dungeons and defeating the bosses. Dungeon quests will offer high XP rewards as well as nice loot and gear that can't be obtained solo-questing.

It also makes sense to complete dungeon quests while you're in the dungeon anyway, the time spent traveling between quests is minimal compared to solo-questing although locating quests can be a little tricky as Blizzard never deemed it necessary to provide in-game maps for the lower level tiers of dungeons in early versions of the game.