Eight Trends You Need To Know About For This Summer

Tired from casual T-shirt with jeans? Check out these best trends provided by the top stylists at Midtown barbershop, which you need to try before the summer ends.

#1 Shorts
Shorts have long been a controversial subject in men's fashion because not many guys like to show their knees. There are many variations of cool shorts you may not know about. Instead of casual jeans, you can wear cotton shorts with a funny print. Looks very classic and stylish and suit to classic leather loafers.

#2 Black is back
Looks terrific and emphasises your statue, black color won’t ever come out of fashion. There is no need to wear everything black, a casual black jacket in the evening will be enough to improve your perfect style.

#3 Mixing patterns
Add a bit of visual texture to your wardrobes with some bright printed shorts, T-shirts, and shirts. Summertime always means to look gorgeous, so leave all your grey clothes for autumn.

#4 Oversized blazers
For almost two years, oversized clothes are in trends, and they look cool and amazing. Just remember on the MTV celebrity styles at the 2000s, and do like they did - wear everything oversized, especially blazers.

#5 Graphics
From jackets to knitwear to even trousers, graphics looks magnificent and modern, so if you haven’t got any bright T-shirt - buy at least a pair with cool and funny prints.

#6 Show your ankles
There is no need to wear socks if you wear loafers or sneakers, show your ankles like everybody does and stay in trends.

#7 Accessories
Add some simple accessories to your style. Glasses, watch, or even a scarf will look amazing if you know how to wear it. Accessories for men shouldn’t be bright. Something grey, brown or black will be a great addition to your style.

#8 Striped shirts
Yep, striped shirts are not only for yachting. Black and white stripes will make you look casual and stylish at any event.

Stay confident and just be the way you are, don’t be afraid of mixing clothes and trying something new.