The epic book : “How to crack the SSB?”

Recently I read a book called “How to crack the SSB?”, which is written on the subject of traits required to crack the SSB Interview. The author of this book is Mr. UjjwalChugh and this book was published by Source Books India publications. Actually I am a reader and I frequently prefer books of Source Books India publications as this publications publishes some of the best books related to competitive exams. And I usually prefer to refer these books, whenever I have to appear for some exams or whenever I have to teach someone about any competitive exams. I read this book actually to provide some knowledge to one of my friends who was going to appear for this SSB interview and was not keeping well during his preparation days.
“How to crack the SSB?” was a book which not only tells you the traits to crack the SSB but any other competitive exam, it describes you the requirements of bringing officer like qualities in yourself. Bringing such qualities inside is not someone gets by birth, it is something which can be learned, inculcated and practiced. This is what I actually learned while I read this book. I was really impressed by the way book was written, there were real life examples, although I have read so many books related to competitive exams but this one was really different. “How to crack the SSB?” book actually changed my perception of seeing my life, this book was not only of learning the traits to crack a particular interview but it was way more than that. One cannot think of combining a motivational script along with a script which develops certain traits in you, but this was that book which motivated me to change the way I see things in my life and also allowed me to know, understand and develop the traits required to crack the SSB interview.
Overall the book was so beautifully drafted that I asked my friend that I would love to keep that book with me and he allowed me to keep it too. I wish that I ever get a chance to meet the author of this book. I am personally thankful to Source Books India for publishing such wonderful books and allowing us students to gain knowledge from such great visionaries in a way that we understand and learn the concepts easily. Source Books India is actually doing a great job while publishing this kind of books for students out there who actually have desire to provide their services in Armed Forces and I would also like to thank the great author of the book, “ How to crack the SSB?” because he is the one who has actually drafted his knowledge and has decided to share it with everybody.