Helping Hands for Golden-Agers!

Priyansh Foundation NGO Delhi

People often spend their life in doing jobs, earning money and fulfilling their responsibilities. By the time they gather enough money as well as lessen their responsibilities, it’s time for them to get retired. Yes this is the common story of any man. There are many men and women who spent their lives below family burdens, never enjoyed and got retirement. Many of them at their crucial time don’t have any one with them to take care off. A lot of organizations have come forward and raise funds to help needy population in order to avail them basic necessities of life.

We can find many people who are suffering from deadly diseases, but cannot afford medical facilities. One organization who has been participating very actively for this social cause is Priyansh Foundation. They help many old age individuals in getting general medical facilities. Its website has profiles of people who are getting help from them and seek further help. Priyansh Foundation NGO Delhi has listed many people’s name, address, what problem that individual person is facing (medical condition, financial crisis, etc.) and how you can help them. Many females with breast cancer, tongue cancer, HIV+ and many others are listed who needs help.

Medical treatments have become very expensive, which makes it non-accessible for those whose income is below average. Lot of people can’t even afford treatment in government hospitals, so for humanity sake we should come forward to join hands with Priyansh Foundation and help them. Just to take an example, a 51 year old lady who is financially weak and a widow too, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Doctors of prestigious hospital AIIMS have suggested for immediate operation, but she cannot afford because the cost of the one surgery is around 3.5 lakhs.

We all are busy in making money and for getting best possible lifestyle. But can we even imagine pain of those people who are working day and night but still are not able to access to basic necessities of life? The answer is NO, because it’s them who are facing medical and financial problems. The only thing we can do is help them as much as we can. Priyansh foundation is helping golden-agers, children, disables, youth and every individual who is in need of our help. Helping in any form is a noble job and we bet that once you get associated with Priyansh foundation for helping these people, you will get tremendous satisfaction.
So, let’s do our bit for society as a whole by joining hands with this foundation and make everyone smile.