High Traffic Products to Drive More Sales NZ

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Every business establishment has high traffic locations in-store outside of the sales counter. These are sometimes destination locations during a store, wherever the foremost usually purchased product ar set.

The best way to spot these locations is to look at security video footage on quick forward. do that for many busy commerce periods and you'll presently establish (or confirm) the foremost widespread traffic generating locations within the store.

These are what I might decision honeypots - your customers are drawn to them like bees are to a honeypot. investment these locations are termed the Honey Pot Strategy.

Most retail stores can have a minimum of 3 or four honeypots - glorious opportunities which may be leveraged for retail growth.

Once you recognize these locations, step back, explore however customers approach the locations and search for them. Undertake careful ****ysis to know the answer to those questions about the Honey Pot locations:

Do your customers pay long there?

Do they appear at quite one item?

Is their head trying down or up?

Do they appear to the side?

Do they stop on the thanks to or from the Honey Pot location?

How frequently do customers World Health Organization search from the high traffic Honey Pot locations visit your store?

Learn everything will|you'll|you'll be able to} regarding client behavior at these Honey Pot locations because it is this behavior that you just can leverage additional business. The additional you recognize the additional sales you'll deliver the goods.

The Honey Pot Strategy is regarding the position of things with high traffic generating the product. This ar sometimes product from another class altogether, things which may be simply purchased on impulse and that attractiveness to the client most prefer to obtain the high traffic item.

It may take it slow to search out the things that work. it's additionally potential that Associate in a Nursing item that works in the week won't work next week. The keys with ar to stay dynamic the supply and keeping glorious records of sales results.

In locating impulse product with a high traffic product, it's vital to not get within the manner of the high traffic product. If applicable, have fixtures created that modify you to show alternative product next to, behind or on top of the high traffic product. investment some cash to urge the fixturing right can make sure that sales of the high traffic product aren't obstructed.

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