How Can I Get My Email Account Unlocked

The email account providers just for the sake of safety and security and prevent any malfunctioning often locks the email account. This is basically done on a temporary basis and usually gets unlocked within the next 12 hours.
Listed below are some of the reasons for locking of the email account:
• In case your account have been used at various locations at the same time
• In case your email account has been tried to be hacked
• If the spam mail link has been clicked on
• If the email account suspects mistrustful activity on your account
• In case of incorrect IMAP and POP settings
• In case a large numbers of mails are send from one particular email id
• If wrong password is used for at least three times to sign in to the account
• In case of illegal access to software and third party apps
• If there is a violation of the terms of services or product specific policies
In case of locked email account, you can straightaway contact the gmail technical support persons as they are the right persons to help you with this. However, it is always better to have a basic knowledge regarding how to unlock emails in case you are unable to get in touch with the technicians:
• You can remove the IMAP and POP settings from the email software.
• Try to clear the cache of the web browser reopen the mail account.
• Close all the browsers where you tried to log in to the mail account.
• Cancel access to all third party software and apps.
If after following all these simple steps, the mail account cannot be unlocked, then you might need to escalate this matter to the higher authority so that you can get a solution. The technicians at gmail tech support number know how to get the account unlocked in the easiest way so that you can get access to your email as soon as possible. The technicians here understand the challenges and the problems that the customer face when they do not get access to the email account.
In order to prevent the account from getting locked, you can follow the following tips:
• Make sure that your email account is kept secured and is not disclosed to anyone.
• Keep changing the passwords often and especially after a public computer has been used to access mails.
• Never click on the links of the spam emails.
• Make sure that you are not violating the terms of services or product specific policies.
• Know the maximum number of email that can be sent using the mail account.
• Do not provide access to file-storage software, file-sharing, email, browser extensions, Analytics services, or third party software that robotically sign in to your Gmail account and perform mistrustful activity.
• Always report scam in case you find suspicious emails on your account.
Thus, it can be concluded by stating that by following the steps one can make sure that the email account does not get locked.