How To Make Your Eyelash Extensions End

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Eyelashes are able to take your makeup from a solid 5 to a good 10, and can make you look wide awake even if you have literally only closed your eyes to sneeze. A good mascara can do wonders, but some of us like to take it up a notch and really get the volume and texture that will make their eyelashes stand out. This is where strip eyelashes and eyelash extensions come in, and we are here to give you all you need to know when deciding which would work best for you.

Eyelash extensions are one of those things I never knew I needed until it was done.
Yes, mascara is great, but it gets washed away at the end of the day and I wake up having to apply two to three coats of it each morning in order to achieve long, lush looking lashes. However, now that eyelash application expert Courtney Akai has moved to Dallas, I may never go back to my mascara wearing ways again. Akai, who has extensive lash application experience thanks to the opening of her namesake Manhattan boutique in 2009, recently opened her second location near Prestonwood Center.
During a recent visit to her Dallas boutique for a fill-in, she gave me a few top tips on how to keep your eyelash extensions looking good.
Rubbing your lashes too hard could not only cause them to fall out but might also end up yanking out your own lashes as well.
-Always clean your lashes.
Not only will this help to prevent infections and bacteria buildup, but it will also keep your real lashes looking healthy. Akai suggests grabbing an eyeshadow brush and brushing a foaming cleanser meant to cleanse eyelash extensions (try Lashfresh) through them.
-Skip the mascara.
Because the lash extensions are already fanned out, Akai says applying mascara to them will only cause them to clump together and will defeat the purpose of the look.
-Be careful not to sleep on your face.
Try sleeping on your side or with your face to the edge of the pillow. Akai also recommends sleeping with a silk eye mask.
-Don’t pick at your lashes.
Akai says she’s had clients in the past who have admitted to picking at their extensions which she says can also destroy your own lashes.
-Comb through your lashes regularly.
Use a spoolie brush or a lash comb to go through your lashes at least twice a day. Also, be sure to comb through your lashes after getting out of the shower.