The Huge Benefits of Spectra Peel for Skin Treatment

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Spectra Peel is widely used to rejuvenate the appearance of damaged, aging, and pigmentation melasma, a frustrating condition for many women and men alike. This melasma treatment is a great means to have a quick skin refreshing without any downtime involved that are often found with other laser treatments. The treatment results in an even skin tone, reducing the fine lines, acne scars, and lower pigment appearance. Although the treatment could provide results even when performed alone, it gives best results with several treatments performed over a period of time.

Spectra Peel for Spectacular Results

In Spectra Peel, specialized laser energy is used to lessen visible skin pigmentation, while making the skin tone better, along with a host of other benefits. In addition to improving the uneven pigment, it can also lessen the presence of textural irregularities and fine lines.

There are two ways of working with the laser energy, first the melanin (pigmentation) present in the cells is targeted, as it breaks it up for removal with the natural process of the body, and second, the deeper end of the dermis is heated, leading to contraction of the skin and collagen stimulation. Due to gentle nature of the treatment, multiple passes are required to get the best results.

How Spectra Peel Works

The directed laser energy frees the Spectra Lotion and heats up the dermis before ablating the layer of dead skin present on top lightly. The pigment is broken up by the laser energy and is removed by the body, and the skin is heated, leading to contraction of the skin along with stimulation of the collagen building process.

Spectra Peel Benefits

A good number of benefits are available with Spectra Peel for melasma treatment. These include:

• Smoother feeling skin
• Glowing youthful looking skin
• Reduction in appearance of fine lines and acne scars
• Improved overall skin tone
• Gentle treatment can be performed over and over

The Treatment

The physician uses the Spectra Lotion by applying a light layer to the skin. Due to the presence of a carbon base in the lotion, the skin takes up the look like that of wearing mud mask. Then the physician starts application of the laser energy to the skin. As the laser is fired, a light snapping sound comes up, and a slight tingling or warmth is felt by the patient. Multiple passes are made by the physician over the skin using the laser at each time of the treatment.

How Many Treatments Required?

It needs mentioning here that the treatment of aging skin is an ongoing process. Spectra Peel is a gentle procedure which one can go for a single time or many times. Due to no downtime, you could get Spectra Peel treatment whenever you feel the need of it like going to some special event, and get a fresh look. You can meet with the physician who will recommend a course of treatment that is perfect for you.

No Downtime

As there is no downtime for the treatment and with no side-effects, the patient could return to their normal activities soon after undergoing the treatment. Why not schedule for a Spectra Peel today?

Do Spectra Peel Hurts?

In majority of the cases, patients report of not feeling any pain; the only feeling they have is a little warming of the skin along with a light prickling feeling. Usually, no topical or anesthesia is used.

In short Spectra Peel has the following benefits:

• The treatment offers utmost versatility to patients with scars and with almost any skin type.
• The doctor providing the treatment finds more options due to the variety of hand pieces available with the system.
• The settings could be adjusted easily as per the specific needs of the patient to obtain best results and also to provide maximum comfort at the time of providing the treatment that has very low recovery and downtime.

About LUTRONIC’s Dual-pulsed Spectra laser:

To meet the growing need of a busy clinic, LUTRONIC’s Dual-pulsed Spectra laser is engineered to include different types of treatments with almost no downtime, built-in safety features, customizable options, all at affordable costs.

Greater Treatment Options

There are four separate modes of wavelengths available with Spectra - 1064 nm, 532 nm, 585 nm, 650 nm - along with the wide array of clinical options for the treatment of patients. Lutronic has expanded the available applications for treatment, and it is approved by FDA for the treatment of melasma. In recent times, effective treatment of redness as a result of post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation could be achieved due to the introduction of the Gold hand piece. This technically advanced treatment provides an edge over other means of laser treatments with better clinical outcomes.

Easy to Use

The Spectra is designed keeping the physician’s needs in mind and consists of an auto-detected handpiece, a easy-to-use GUI, an adjustable aiming beam, and availability of buttons  that could be adjusted as per the personal parameters. The laser hand piece comes with a built-in auto-calibration and is designed to stay up and running. 

The Power Option without Any Thermal Damage

The power options and beam profile of Spectra ensure that there is the efficient delivery of the energy to get maximum effect while lessening the damaged done to tissues existing around the area. The Spectra for melasma treatment comes with a wide array of feature that makes it a cut above others.

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