India is considered as a developing nation. But, are we actually developing in every aspect?

No doubt we have come far from what we were in last decade, but our country’s rural population is still lacking many basic needs of life. Poverty level is still high, Education level is still low, there is no sufficient healthcare facilities and due to improper hygiene-sanitation facilities deadly diseases are affecting them badly.

In spite of a number of initiatives by government to help underprivileged population, we have to travel a long way for becoming a developed nation. Many Non Profit Organizations have come forward to contribute in this serious issue, but due to some reason not all NGOs are able to serve the purpose. It has been observed that many NGOs works in a faster pace in their initial year but later on they fail to continue the good work. There are very few NGOs who are extraordinarily putting efforts for keeping humanity alive.

To name one among them is Priyansh Foundation. This NGO is continuously putting great efforts to empower underprivileged population by providing impeccable healthcare services, free of cost education facilities, empower women to become self-dependent, helping disables as well as senior citizens and many more steps towards this issue. They are also running a health center exclusively for underprivileged where needy can avail free doctor consultation with free medication. This initiative has been very much appreciated in the industry, because usually NGOs organizes healthcare camps but it is very rare to run a health center.
Institutional care is another big project of Priyansh Foundation NGO Delhi. This program was initiated to provide shelter and care to those children who have no option than to spend their precious childhood on streets. Let me tell you that this is one of the biggest problems of our nation. It is hard to imagine their pity condition, most of these children are victims of child abuse, child trafficking, they suffer from most deadly diseases but there is no one to think about them. Priyansh Foundation is providing care to these children and you will be amazed to know that under their shelter 28% orphans, 41% single parent families and 31% economic orphans are staying.

This is not the end, this NGO also has pension plans for people facing second innings of their life but there is no one to take care of. Yes, many helpless senior citizens are benefited by this pension plan. Special Project to help differently abled children is being run because they need a special attention and affection than perfectly abled population. They have rescued children from slum areas with disabilities life Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome, Autism, Hearing and Speech impaired, Muscular Dystrophy and many more. This rescue was followed by providing them necessary therapy in order to rehabilitate them. These kids’ improvement is regularly shared with their parents.
More and more organizations are coming forward to join hands with Priyansh Foundation. We believe many more NGOs like this should come forward to keep humanity alive and help needy.