Information about an abnormal pap smear during the course of pregnancy.

Though the term abnormal pap pregnant is common, the situation of actual cancer is not. Out of 1000 women, one of them is likely to have cancer. Pregnancy will not increase or decrease the risk, but when cancer is found out during the course of pregnancy it does go on to pose a different challenge of sorts. The precise point is that there are a couple of life’s at stake.

Why is a pap smear important?

Though it might be rare, but one of the most common types of cancer during pregnancy has to be cervical cancer. It could be cancer in the womb or the mouth as well. The point is that if pap smear is one of the common concerns during pregnancy, which underlines the importance of pap smear as a routine procedure. Pap smear can detect pregnancy and it is not recommended , but it a must.

If the results are not favourable during the course of pap

This is really one form of test where you do not want to pass. But if the results are positive, then there is no need to panic as well. It could be that a hormonal change has paved way for a pap, and it could be an innocent pap. It cannot be considered to be a legitimate pap test, but you can say that it is a form of screening test. But the good news is that it is short of actual cancer and all cancer cells referred to as dysplasia are followed with a conservative approach during pregnancy. They tend to grow in a slow manner and the patient is allowed to follow a lot of things in the form of delivering a baby.

So the question is that how dangerous is dysplasia to both the mother and the baby. The most important thing in the regard is to arrive at a real diagnosis.

What is to be done?

If there is any form of lesion, ideally an obstetrician should be able to locate it first. There are situations where you cannot locate the entire lesion and this does go on to pose a peculiar challenge of sorts as no diagnosis is completely offer if a few liaison has not been undertaken. For this reason if there is any problem during pregnancy it needs to be detected at an early stage as far as possible. For every pregnant patient an abnormal pap smear should be a part of the routine evaluation.

Why pregnancies tend to be at risk?

A woman has had her own set of check-ups before becoming pregnant would not need a cone biopsy in any way. A woman who will need a biopsy would be someone who has not had pap smears for a considerable period of time as well.
To conclude any form of dysplasia cannot be considered as a way to terminate pregnancy. It cannot be conferred as cancer and all cervical cancers tend to take place with dysplasia.