Introduction of 400 Watt LED Replacements for MH Bulbs

Many companies have unveiled direct 400 Watt LED replacement for operation using existing ballasts. It allows direct plug and saves maintenance costs. The ballast LED Lights are developed for the direct replacement of 175W, 250 W and 400 W metal halide bulbs. It is suggested to select the LED lights that offer energy savings of more than 80%.

Where to buy 400 Watt LED replacement for your MH Bulbs?

Many companies are offering the direct LED replacement at online stores. So, you can visit online stores from the comfort of home or office and search for the LED replacement for your MH bulbs. You need to look at the specifications like cool white color temperature, luminous intensity, aluminum housing, and input voltage etc for 400W LED Flood Light for outdoor usage. It is also suggested to look for dimensional matching when buying LED replacement bulbs online.

It is suggested to compare prices of 400 Watt LED replacement at various online stores and place an order. You need to buy the products of reputed brands only for your home, office or industrial applications.

You should not forget to check the warranty clause. Most of the replacement lights come with 5-year warranty. Usually LED flood lights lasts for more than 8 years and offers considerable energy savings. It also prevents light wastage and provides focused light.
The LED flood lights with anti-glare technology ensure shadow free images, clear view of the play ground, and clear visibility of the ball for the players. Therefore, LED flood light finds wide usage in applications like Tennis, football, baseball and cricket etc. Each Flood light provides the luminous intensity of 4500 lumens. Its color temperature varies between 6000 and 6500K.

The LED flood lights should operate even in adverse weather conditions. You can engage in a web chat with online store customer care executive to clear all of your doubts about warranty, durability, ruggedness, dimensions, materials used and brightness etc and request for a discount. The online customer care executives usually provide discount codes that need to be entered at the time of placing an order online to avail discount on LED flood lights for stadiums, construction industries, ports and colleges etc.

400W LED Flood Lights for Tennis Courts

Metal halide lamps have been in use in Tennis courts worldwide for more than 50 years. They last longer to provide continuous lighting for stadiums. The high intensity lights were being used for street lighting and shopping centers. It takes at least 15 minutes to get heated and to providing the light and thus wasting a considerable amount of electricity. It also generates more heat. However, the advancements in LED technologies are putting an end to the energy hungry traditional lights.

LED lights are eco-friendly and more efficient. For example, a 400 W LED lights provide a light output equivalent to 2000 W Metal halide light. Therefore, LED lights saves your energy bill several times.  The initial spending for LED Flood light is higher but that can be recovered over a period of time.


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