IP Legal Services Singapore Helps You In Building A Good IP Portfolio

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In Singapore, there is very strong law system for the intellectual property and its rights. The authorities of Singapore are also very serious regarding the performance of all the intellectual property right and duties. Government authorities trying their best in order to make people recognized regarding the importance of IO to their intellectual property, the main concepts which take place in the process of intellectual property are patent right, trademark right, and the copyright.

There is a full-fledged process in order to perform all these kind of rights. IP ownership of business or work already performing the function of IP filling request and prosecute it with the legal representative of IP; apart from this IP also have business strategy role to play. This business strategy role is played by the IP Alpha experts.

They give advice and suggestion regarding two types of services:

·        IP Legal Services Singapore
·        IP Business Services Singapore

IP Legal Services Singapore consists of three steps; in the beginning, prior art search takes place. This step is performed in order to check and to be confirmed; whether the work, idea, research or innovation is definitely new.

In this step a basic patent search involved in order to justify the uniqueness of the product. This search took place from the database which is publicly available and from the literature and all another source of knowledge. After that comes Infringement ****ysis of IP, where in this particular step, checks are done on whether the proper patent violate any other active patent or not.

There are a number of benefits of infringement ****ysis of IP. One of such benefit is that it also keeps on check the expired patent. After this step, here comes the last step and that is validity and invalidity ****ysis. This is performed after the IP right is granted.

The main purpose of this step is to make any patent invalidate, if required, in any kind of circumstances or any kind of hard problem in approving or after approving particular patent. From all this it is advisable to all the individual to perform a prior research about your product on a vast level; before applying for the patent and make sure that your patent is very much able to face the circumstances; which can become from the violation or infringement of IP.

IP business services Singapore also consists of competitive intelligence (CI), technology intelligence (TI), IP holdings advisory, Singapore government grants and incentives advisory and licensing and acquisition support.

There are many companies out there which can help you to make a right and good quality of IP portfolio, one of such company is IPA SINGAPORE; we have a team of experts in order to solve all your queries and in helping you in order to build a good IP portfolio.

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