Know More about Sunny side up Baby

In pregnancy, when the movement of the baby starts it takes different positions till the last month. Most of the women move for C-section delivery and the main cause is the position of the baby. Most of the women come across with sunny side up position during pregnancy. It is the abnormal position for a baby.

What does sunny side up baby mean?

Medically baby sunny side up means the position of the baby that is OP which is occiput posterior. When the head of the baby, which is down has turned into wrong position, then sunny side up position occurs when the back part of the head is in posterior which will pressed the face against the public bone. In this case, it is very difficult for the baby to extend their head out from the area of public bone. It will create the worse condition at the time of labor.

What do you mean by OP position?

  • This is the first stage of labor which is found in more than 30% in pregnancies
  • In normal position, most of the babies will rotate, but this type of cases only occurs in 5% in pregnancies.
  • This position will lead to longer labor pain or emergency c-section delivery. According to studies, most of these types of cases have c-section delivery.
  • Women who have first pregnancy have 7 % chances of having this abnormal position of baby sunny side up oftheir baby.

How to overcome the problem of OP position?

In order to overcome the problem of OP position, it is better to move for vacuum devices which will attempt the rotatation of the baby in a manual way. Along with that maternal posturing will help in OP position. It is the position in which your hands and knees along with your chest lean forward and the back is stretched out. It is the position which has helped in reducing the back pain.
According to studies, it is found that OP position has diagnosed in more than 20% of women and they have instructed to follow maternal posturing which will help them at the time of labor pain which will help the women in normal delivery. Most of the women have tried this position during labor and come out with the conclusion that, this position will not have any special effects in normal delivery.

Women who are pregnant and has been diagnosed with sunny side up of their baby, and then they don’t have to worry because the position of the baby changes till last month. In this case women have to consult their doctors who will guide them different ways to overcome the problem and help them understanding on what does sunny side up really mean. They will talk to you about the various options of delivery if your baby is sunny side up and the more you are aware it is going to happen, the better you are prepared during the course of delivery.