Modern beard myths

Long and thick beard continues to be one of the most popular fashion trends among men all over the world. However, for many of us, growing out a beautiful beard appears to be too difficult task. It happens because of thousands of myths, which envelop the whole process. Our specialist at Ray barbershop are here to help you. Today, we are going to dispel three, most common fallacies about your facial hair. Check the out and discover whether you got into the network of misunderstanding or not.

Myth # 1 Magic food
Some people think that eating fruits, vegetables and other protein containing products will create a miracle to your hair. You beard will grow twice faster and thicker, without any additional help. Unfortunately, it is false! Yes, your body needs vitamins and nutrients for normal functioning, but only special amino acids can influence your hair growing processes at least in a some way. It doesn’t mean you can forget about hated broccoli or carrot, just eat wisely.

Myth # 2 The more you shave, the fuller you become
Here is one more popular myth that refers not only to facial hair, but also to vegetation all over your body. The more often you shave your beard, using a razor, the fuller ant thicker your beard will be. In fact, this assumption has no medical background. Doctors say the razor can influence your hair follicles in no way, so there is no possibility to change your inner structure  with the help of shaving.

Myth # 3 Gray hair – coarse hair
Have you ever thought what gray hair really is? Melanin – is a special protein that gives our strands definite color. Gray hairs are devoid of this protein, that is why they lose coloring pigment. This process do not affect coarseness or any other structural changes in your beard. The problem can be in split ends and lack of moisture, but not in the color.

Now you know three most popular misunderstandings, connected to facial hair. Keep them in mind every time you want to grow out a beautiful beard, because knowing your thing is a very important point in your life.