Patanjali yogpeeth nepal trust work for nepal tragedy victims

Patanjali yogpeeth nepal is trying to help provide aid for Nepal’s citizens through a fundraiser. They want to make sure that each dollar donated will provide one family a meal for one day. As an incentive to donate, the first period class that has risen to most funds will win an ice cream/rooter float party! The fundraiser will continue through Friday, May 15th so Tillers, make sure you donate as much as you can to provide food for the families in Nepal.

On April 25, a 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal. Cities were devastated by the enormous nepal tragedy, earthquake, the largest they have had in about 80 years. Thousands of people lost their homes, villages are completely demolished, and ancient sites have collapsed. The death toll as of May fourth is 7365 people but the number injured is 14,355. The numbers continue to climb as more civilians and tourists are found under the rubble. After the earthquake occurred, nations across the globe sent help to try and provide for the survivors. According the the UN, more than 3 million people need help for food and, “nearly half of those need it immediately. far from Kathmandu, where the humanitarian efforts are centered.

Survivors in isolated villages are suffering from a lack of supplies. UN officials have a fear of disease spreading, largely because of the severe shortage of water. Villagers plead for help but they don’t receive anything from passing trucks, According to the Patanjali yogpeeth nepal, three million people are still in need of food aid and 24,000 people are living in their makeshift tents. It’s an issue that must be addressed quickly in order to provide the Nepalese relief from the aftermath of this disaster.

A deadly nepal tragedy has caused destruction across Nepal, with thousands dead and a nation’s heritage in ruins. Could human-induced climate change be partly to blame?

Climbers are locked in a desperate effort to treat injured colleagues caught in a devastating avalanche that swept through the the mountain’s base camp. helped search and rescued victims through huge debris area. Many dead, much more badly injured.
Countries and charities all over the world are sending money, hoping to save as many lives as possible and provide food and shelter for survivors. Outside the capital city, aid workers fear for the fate of those living in rural villages closer to the epicentre. In the Gorkha district, rescue teams are trekking along mountain trails to reach some of these remote villages.
Donate to nepal earthquake help Relief Efforts.