Questions You Need To Clear Up Before Choosing Your Wedding Caterer

Food is one of those factors in the wedding, which happens to be pricier than anything else, so you want it to be perfect. Most weddings are remembered for the kind of food they served to the guests. If you are getting married soon, or someone very close to you is getting married in a few months, then you must start your quest for the right caterer. Choosing the right caterer is not as easy as you think it is. You will have to go to many caterers, get a price quote, check upon, the services they provide, the kind of food they serve and then in the end filter down your search to one of them. Something like this takes up a lot of time, so staring for the right caterers early on is the smart thing to do, because once that is dealt with, half of the battle is won.

Questions to ask your caterer

Before you zero into a caterer, there are a few questions which you need to ask the caterer to get everything cleared before hand, and they have been mentioned below.

• Reputable Portland wedding caterers always schedule a tasting session beforehand, so that you can decide on what you like and what you do not like from the menu, and all the things which need to be altered as per your preferences.

• While some caterers calculated the cost, deciding on the number of invitees, the others calculate the fee, based on the quantity and number of dishes which are to be served, so that must be decided upon beforehand as well.

• Portland wedding caterers provides with all the preparations, from chairs to table decor to plates, flower settings, chairs, etc., so decide what kind of decoration will suit the ceremony, talk to them about your preferences the kind of settings you would like, as this will really help in making the wedding hall to look beautiful, once the preparations have been made.
• One of the major things which need to be cleared out is whether the company working on any other wedding on the same weekend, because that really affects the quality of services you receive. If the company has another wedding to cater too, they will have lesser staff working for yours, and the services will be compromised.

• Catering Portland Oregon also provide with additional staff when needed, so ask them about the extra cost you have to pay because of the addition of added stuff.

• The drinks need to be decided as well. Alcohol drink booths must be separate from the booth serving soft drinks, because children will also be present at the party and you do not want anything to go wrong.

• Last but not the least, most Catering Portland Oregon provide with wedding cakes, so decide everything about the cake beforehand so it the cake is a piece of art when it arrives at the ceremony.

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