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Recycling in 2017 and the future will continue to be a highly debated subject around the world as we continue to grow and develop this high-speed blue planet we all call home.  You may know some facts about the automotive recycling industry. But it may surprise most of you that cars are the most recycled consumer product in the world.Also, car recycling is one of the top industries in the United States.It is estimated that 85-90% of that car you drive in can be pulled apart and recycled when it reaches the end of its glorious life.However, if you are keeping up with the auto industry you know that automakers are responding as fast as they can to keep up with the consumer’s never ending appetite for technology in every area of their life.

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Recycle My Car Toronto guarantees to give you the most money for your junk vehicles in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Call us to get a quick junk car removal quote today.Our prices for your junk car are up to $2000, including pickup and removal in Toronto.If you require more junk vehicles to be removed Recycle My Car Toronto will give you an even better deal. We pay the most cash for truck recycling, van recycling and larger vehicle removals in Toronto and the greater Toronto area.

Canadian Auto Wreckers is a fully licensed Scrap/Junk car removal service provider located in Toronto, Canada offering you instant cash for your old unwanted junk car. With our top-notch professional scrap car removal service, we offer you a no-hassle & high-end scrap car removal with client satisfaction.

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