Set your Walkie Talkie- Form a New Channel

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Many organizations across a wide range of industries use two way radios for internal communications between personnel. Walkie talkies generally known as HTs or "handheld transceivers" are widely used among amateur radio operators and have become popular with consumers for personal and business use. Most personal Walkie Talkies Radios that are sold are designed to be very compact, with buttons for changing channels and other settings on the face of the radio and a short, fixed antenna. Most such units are made of heavy, often brightly colored plastic cases to attract consumers. Our two way business radios are ideal for use in the broad spectrum of Industries.

Radio Designed with Addition

But mainly in Construction, Oil and gas, petrochemicals, Pharmaceutical, Restaurants, Outdoors, Government Offices, Hospitals, Military and defense applications, Manufacturing and Campus uses, Theaters, event management, security, etc. If you are in need of a Motorola Walkie Talkie that won’t cost you an arm and a leg and wouldn’t require you to get an operating license for it, you better turn your attentions to the two way radios. It guarantees you complete and utter flexibility since it lets you add as many new handsets as you need for your growing workforce that require your radio fleet. Users who already utilize this model radios into their fleet if they want. This Two Way Radios model has been designed to be comfortable, easy to carry around, and rather simple to use. It offers great audio clarity for extra crisp and clear communications in a wider working conditions and range of environments.

Walkie Talkies have incredible range allowing them to be used miles apart. It give more flexibility and freedom and allows to explore and work as per your requirement. This is an excellent tool to have in outdoors adventure for kids. But if it is prone to water damage, its usefulness can be limited. It can be especially useful in loud environment including construction sites and private events. But a high quality can make communication easier by recording incoming messages and allowing to repay. Most complete one is available on market today and offers range of more than 40 miles, noise cancellation technology and water resistant casing.

Whether going on a backpacking trip or going taking your family on a camping guide combines comfort, durability and simplicity in a sleek design. This is designed for the retail and hospitality market that operates on channels with a choice of multi codes for increased privacy and reducing interference. The palm sized device redefines the traditional two way radio by including only essential elements.

Usefulness Combined

-         Operates on multi channels.

-         Comfortable to wear

-         Easy to use

-         Stylish design

-         Durability and long life

A well labeled, large keypad provides user friendly operation. Large display shows both letters and numbers and is easy to see making a for fast frequency recognition. The display is backlit, and so is the keypad. The light stays on until you turn it off and is a very handy feature for flying at night. Now there's a portable that gives you great voice communications, and a path to clear digital voice communication.


Motorola Distributed

Motorola has been has been at the forefront of communication inventions and innovations. We are recognized as the leading provider of Motorola Two Way Radios communications solutions around the world and fully committed to make mobile experiences possible. We design our technology to be intuitive to customer needs, enabling instant mobility and placing reliable communications directly in the hands of users who need it. A comprehensive range of accessories is also available so that the radios can be customized to suit your needs. Adding the proper handset, speakers, microphone & mounting accessories can enhance your productivity. Motorola accessories are built with the highest quality standards and are specially engineered to assure maximum performance of your radio.

Motorola Walkie talkie and two way radios have the technology you need to increase productivity and maximize your performance in today's competitive business environment. Professionals in today’s competitive environment need to have strategic communication tools like Walkie talkie, two way radio constantly use information systems to effectively manage business activities.

At Walkie-Talkies, we work internationally requesting the license; arrange delivery and collection if necessary. We sell and hire a wide range of walkie-talkie radios, accessories for walkie-talkies, and other two-way radio equipment to business and private customers throughout the nation and elsewhere. The newly Icom Walkie Talkie is just the piece of tool to suite your best need. Whether you need radios for an event or for long-term use in your business, or just want some walkie-talkies to take on holiday, then we can help you to buy or hire the radios that you need. For more info visit