Six alternatives to Lego this Christmas

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The Danish toy maker has conceded that they can't take care of demand this year, so what options are out there for novice developers?

The LEGO Movie, the unexpected blockbuster of 2014, was discharged in February

The Lego Movie was a runaway achievement, yet it has added to the producer hitting limit arranges this year Photo: Warner Bros

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After all it has accomplished for the development business, Lego broke a large number of hearts the previous evening when the Danish organization let it be known would be not able take care of unnecessary demand from toy stores this Christmas.

"We won't have the capacity to convey on the greater part of the requests originating from clients in the rest of the year," representative Roar Trangbaek miserably told Reuters. "[Demand] is truly unprecedented and it has surpassed both our own and our clients' figures."

The extraordinary enthusiasm for the producer, which has manufacturing plants crosswise over Europe and is presently the greatest toy creator on the planet, has been generally credited to film tie-ins and the achievement of 2014's The Lego Movie.

So what is left to get the pieces? Where will idiots go now? Here are six options that demonstrate we should just Lego all together (geddit?).


Everything's littler in Japan – sustenance, pooches, rugby players – so it is nothing unexpected that their development items take after a similar bowed. Nanoblocks, which have overwhelmed toy stores since first going marked down in 2008, are 1/eighth the measure of standard Lego and thusly require a level of aptitude, tolerance and expertise not ordinarily found in kids (or fathers.)

That size, in any case, brings about inconceivably nitty gritty and unpredictable manifestations, which means Nanoblocks are more like 3D confounds than toys.


At the flip side of the scale is Duplo, Lego's evil portal medicate. It might be intended for kids matured year and a half to five years of age, however that shouldn't hinder grown-ups making the most of its inner self boosting straightforwardness. They're double the length, stature and width of normal blocks, and can't be stifled on. Ideal for inebriated Christmas play, at that point.


The second most mainstream development pack on the planet, K'Nex takes into account the development of to a great degree strong, extensive structures that frequently really work.

Utilizing blends of basic poles, connectors and wheels as opposed to being block based (however K'Nex blocks are presently accessible), consider it Lego for individuals who like bends. You can even form a genuine bike.


The first smaller than usual development units, Meccano (a word amassed from the expression 'Make and Know') will dependably be an other option to Lego's Scandi-cool. Meccano is the reasoning man's toy, the 'super savage' Sudoku to Lego's unimportant 'troublesome'.

Notwithstanding accompanying directions and being protected in 1898 by Frank Horby as 'mechanics made simple,' Meccano takes undoubted responsibility. For the individuals who can hack it, however, the potential outcomes are unfathomable. Only a month back, the world's biggest Meccano development, a working footbridge, was uncovered by understudies in Belfast, and it's not every single lifeless question, either: the organization's currently divulged the Meccanoid – a 4-foot polycarbonate robot which utilizes 'Mecca Brain' programming to address its proprietor.


Gladly calling itself "the preeminent provider of geometric development shapes in schools" (a title few are debating), Polydron items have graced classroom work areas for more than 30 years. They may do not have the figures, vehicles and detail of other building toys, however who needs plastic individuals when you can have a full arrangement of Archimedean solids?


In the event that you find moving your arms around and scrounging in a container loaded with rakish plastic pieces essentially a lot of push to hold up under, Minecraft is the choice for you. The top of the line PC round ever, which was purchased by Microsoft a month ago for $2.5 billion, Minecraft enables its clients to manufacture expound structures out of bright 3D squares. Similar to Lego, at that point, however with interminably more potential outcomes and less possibility of incidentally venturing on it in socks.