TC Electronic Polytune 2 Pedal Tuner

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TC Electronic's PolyTune 2 pedal drives the envelope for pedalboard-prepared tuners, giving you a quicker and more precise approach to tune your guitar or bass. The way it works is refreshingly straightforward. You simply strum your guitar, and PolyTune 2 demonstrates to you how far off key each string is, enabling you to tune them all to inside +/ - 1 penny. When you're prepared to focus on singular strings, PolyTune 2 gives you a chance to pick either a conventional chromatic mode or a hyper-exact strobe mode. What's more, on account of its super-splendid, auto-darkening presentation, you can utilize the TC Electronic PolyTune 2 pedal in any condition.

Strum, tune, shake - it's truly that straightforward

In case you're hesitant about rigging that cases to be as basic as PolyTune 2, at that point here's one ponder thingamajig you can feel certain won't let you down. PolyTune 2's readout is absolutely instinctive and gives you a chance to move rapidly from string to string. With only a few strums and a couple of tuning machine turns, you'll be 99% of the path there.

Imposing business model makes adjusting effortless

When you truly need to focus on an individual string, the PolyTune 2's MonoPoly work makes it basic. Disregard tap-moving on your pedalboard to change modes, MonoPoly consequently identifies in case you're playing one string or strumming and switches modes for you. Look over a customary chromatic mode or an exceptionally cool stroboscopic mode for single-string tuning. The chromatic mode highlights an attractive needle, which backs off as you inspire nearer to pitch, making it substantially simpler to nail down your tuning. Furthermore, with its +/ - .1-penny affectability, you truly can't thump the PolyTune 2's strobe mode either.

The ideal show for any setting

Greater, brighter, and more receptive than any other time in recent memory, PolyTune 2's astonishing LED show makes tuning up in any condition a bit of cake. This incredibly adaptable show is comprised of more than 100 ultra-brilliant LEDs that give simple perceivability even in full sunshine. Furthermore, because of the locally available encompassing light sensor, the PolyTune 2 will diminish this show on dull stage floors, as well, so you won't wind up singing your retinas each time you look down at your pedalboard. That is only one all the more way the PolyTune 2 presents to TC Electronic's soul of development to your guitar fix.


1PolyTune(R) - Tune all strings all the while

2New chromatic strobe tuner - 0.1 penny tuning exactness

3New greater and brighter LED show with encompassing light sensor

4Drop-D and capo tuning modes

5True-sidestep with noiseless tuning

69V DC yield for driving different pedals

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