Thing to do to win the best hotel deal

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Thing to do to win the best hotel deal in Siem Reap

There are many tricks and tips you can use to find the best hotel room rates in Siem Rep. These include finding hidden discounts, booking and visiting at the most opportune time and finding cheap hotels.

1.Work with business hotels: If you are looking for Siem Rep accommodation, try to get great deals from business hotels especially when traveling within Europe. This is because most hotels that serve business travelers experience slow business during summer months and during weekends.

2.Look for a corner room: Corner rooms in the best hotels in Siem Rep are cost-effective especially if you are looking for a larger space for the same price. Ensure you ask about a corner room when there are none or just a few guests on the line and be discreet.

3.Check in when the day is almost over: Best hotels in Siem Rep and hotels near Angkor Wat have a higher sense of occupancy during this time, just is the case with any hotel elsewhere, and are likely going to offer any upgrades that are available.

4.Call the hotel directly and keep friendships: Some people hope to reach the hotel via 800 reservation numbers when looking for Siem Rep accommodation, yet the people who are more likely to upgrade you are those who work directly at the hotel.

If you are a regular traveler and a visitor to the best hotels in Siem Rep, ensure to keep relationships working. These relationships can help you when you want to do direct booking with the hotel in question.

5.Look for hotel loyalty programs, coupons and discounts: Signing up for loyalty programs will see you access free hotel upgrades even for hotels near Angkor Wat and around Siem Rep. Loyalty programs can also see you save on other things such as WiFi if it is accessible for free to those who sign up. Some programs also let you gain access to special events and experiences, free nights and free items that are attached to bookings.

Third party bookings also offer loyalty programs and coupons. An example is that allows you to book some days and get free days. You might also get advantage of information about certain cheaper offers in given locations.  Apps can also help you become aware of and get discounts if hotels are giving discounts when you book through them. Apps such as Hotel Tonight help you access last-minute discounts and loyalty members of app get lower secret prices.

Some best hotels in Siem Rep also run programs where you get free offers or lower prices when you refer friends.

6.Watch for the cancellation period and observe the rule of opposite: You can also snag a good hotel deal in Siem Rep and Angkor Wat if you wait until the last minute to book a room. If there are events and occasions taking place around the city, cancellation period in most hotels fall between 24 and 48 in advance and rooms become available at lower rates. The rule of opposite is: do things when everyone else is not doing them or avoid doing them when everyone else is doing them.

7.Bundle accommodation with flight arrangements:  You are likely to save money by booking the flight and hotel accommodation together according to experts.

8.Sign up for price drop alerts: This is one of the things you should do as a frequent business traveler. It can save you time required to keep tracking the offers and it is easy to follow up since they come into your inbox. Some of the websites to check with include and Kayak.

9.Use third party services to monitor general price flows:  Hotel Price Index is one of the popular ways of getting information on locations where the hotel accommodation price trends: you can check where and when they are going up or down and act accordingly. This is a good idea for people who have not traveling to specific places but must travel anyway for leisure or those that have a wide scope in regard to the areas they want to travel to.