Tips to Hire the Right Freelance Graphic Designer in Los Angeles

The visual identity is an important element of you brand. Your logos, marketing materials, and website help your company stand out from the crowd. They help your customers mentally associate with your business even before they step in your store. The visual brand is the first impression and you should strive to make it a good one.

Selecting a good graphic designer will not only help your business but also help you save time and money in the long run. Here are few tips to start with:

Where to Start

Before you start looking for graphic designers, you need to create an outline of your specific needs regarding the skillset and qualities needed:

A Strong Portfolio: Examples of previous work tell you a lot about the skills and the approach of the designer.  The portfolio will also give you the clear feel of the designer’s style and how it applies to your project.

Professionalism: A good graphic designer would be happy to render specialized services based on the knowledge, theory, and skills that are generally peculiar to the profession but not easily understood by an outsider. They should also be flexible to tailor their designs to meet your business needs.

Customer Feedback: Feedback from previous clients tells you a lot about the dedication the designer has to satisfy the needs of the clients. Whether positive or negative, the client feedback can help you in the selecting the right freelance graphic designer in Los Angeles.

Here are the next steps:

Create a List of Your Favorite Graphic Designers

Research and create a list of your favorites. You can post your project on different freelance portals, but since the the variety of talent varies significantly, you should also peruse portfolio sites like Behance or Dribble.

Also, ask within your network if they know any good graphic designer. Look for designers having a strong portfolio of work samples that depict their capability of building a strong foundation for your visual brand.

Determine your Budget

You need to determine the amount you are ready to pay to the designer.  Hiring an experienced designer will cost you more but you are more likely to get the design and style you want. Don’t settle for an amateur designer just to save on costs.

Interview Potential Freelancers

Once you have finalized the budget, you can start interviewing potential freelancers from your list. Besides testing them on aspects discussed above, you need to also know their availability and their payment preferences.

Hire the Designer

After the interview process, you are more likely to find the graphic designer you were looking for. When you are ready to hire, communicate each element of the project clearly. Once the designer has everything he/she needs, they can get their creative mind rolling.

By following these simple steps, you will be able to find the right freelance graphic designer in Los Angeles who can help you make your brand stand out in the crowd.

Do you know other important aspects when selecting a graphic designer? Please feel free to comment.


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