Tips for the maintenance of your car!!

The leading maruti Suzuki authorised dealer gurgaon have shared few car tips for the care of your car.

You can maintain your car by following few steps:

Wheels & Tyres -

    Pivot your tyres! Each 5,000 miles or 8,000km, pivot your tires.
    Clean brake dust off frequently: Brake dusk contains a wide range of awful stuff. On the off chance that you abandon it too long, the blend of street grime, dampness and warmth from your brakes will heat it on to your wheels. Brake tidy typically sticks to wheels with electricity produced via friction so a sodden wipe and clean frosty water is the most ideal approach to get it off.
    Check your tyre pressures: Check your tyre pressures consistently - once seven days is perfect. Awful tyre pressure can influence efficiency, handling and comfort. It's anything but difficult to do and there is no reason not to.
    Check your tread profundity: Bare, smooth tyres may be useful for engine dashing yet they're no great out and about. Most tires accompany tread wear bars incorporated with them now - discover one, look at it and if your tread is too low, supplant your tires. Four new tires may appear to be costly however they're less expensive than a fine or a mischance.


    Check your belts: At the front of your engine, there will be a progression of elastic drive belts that circle around different pulleys, driving everything from the alternator to the a/c compressor. Elastic perishes, all the more so in outrageous conditions like those found in a working engine cove. Get your planning belt and embellishment drive belt checked from maruti showroom Gurgaon, each 25,000 miles, ideally supplanting it each 50,000 miles. See the Fuel and Engine book of scriptures for data on impedance motors and why checking your planning belts is a need, not an extravagance:
    Checking your oil level: This is something everybody can do - it's brisk and simple and it'll let you know whether your engine needs oil. In the event that the oil is too high or too low, it can cause inconvenience for your engine. To check the oil, stop on level ground and hold up until the point when the motor has chilled off subsequent to driving, at that point find the dipstick. Haul it out and wipe it spotless, at that point push it the distance back in until the point when its highest point is situated appropriately in the plunge tube once more. Hold up a minute at that point haul it out once more. Check the level of the oil. In the event that it's between the high and low checks, you're fine. (On the off chance that it's too low, include a little.) The high and low stamps can be indicated by two spots, a "H" and "L" or a shaded region on the dipstick. For what reason not simply read the level first time around? The first occasion when you haul the dipstick out, it will have oil on top of it and it will be hard to tell where the level is. That is the reason you have to wipe it on a cloth to get a perfect dipstick, at that point plunge it again into the oil to get a decent perusing.
    Checking your coolant level: Once more, something everybody can do. The coolant is the other thing your engine can't do without. Each engine is unique however in the event that you check your handbook you should discover where the coolant supply is. It will ordinarily be darted to the other side of the engine sound or the other and be a white semi-straightforward container. Hold up until the point when your motor is cool and investigate it - the outside ought to have 'low' and 'high' markings on it and the level of coolant inside ought to be between the two.


Will higher octane or premium fuel give me better gas mileage as well as more power?

    No. Sportier cars have higher pressure engines which create more power and require higher octane fuel to anticipate explosion. That is the place the myth of "premium = more power" originated from. In the event that your handbook says "customary", utilize consistent.


    Keeping your paint complete in great condition by a maruti Suzuki dealer would be great.


    Disengaging and reconnecting your battery


    One pointer or signal is blazing speedier than the other
    Try not to touch the glass while changing front lamp globules