Top 10 Queries Before Undergoing Nose Reshaping Procedure

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Before experiencing any treatment, it is expected to have certain queries in your mind. If you are looking forward to undergo these surgery and have some queries in your mind then you have come across the right post. This post embraces the top ten queries that people generally want to clear before undergoing Nose Reshaping treatment.

1. Are There Any Risks With Nose Surgery?

Like other surgeries, there are risks of bleeding, numbness, swelling infection etc but if you are getting your treatment done from the hands of expert and experienced surgeons then you may not have to worry about these factors. Selecting an experienced cosmetic surgeon can considerably decrease the health risks associated with rhinoplasty surgery.

2. Are There Any Side Effects After Nose Surgery?

Besides to the health risks related with the nose reshaping procedure, there are few side effects as well. Depending on the patients, side effect varies. You might experience swelling around your eyes and nose often. After this surgery, many patients have complaint about nose pain and bruising as side effects.

3. Is There Scarring After Surgery?

There will be very minor scarring which will not be determined by the other people. With time the scars will completely disappear. You must not be worried about the scars after the surgery as they disappear after few weeks.

4. When Can I Resume My Normal Activities?

You can resume your normal activities in a week. For some patients it might take ten to twelve days to recover and get back to normal schedule depending upon the extent of your surgery and your general physical condition.

5. What Results Can I Expect?

You can expect the desired natural looks that you dreamt of. This will enhance your looks as beautiful nose plays important role in looks of a person.

6. Can I Expect Aftercare Following Nose Surgery?

Yes post operative support is also given in some of the good clinics.

7. How Much Does this Surgery Cost?

The cost of this surgery depends on extend of the surgery you want to get. Depending on the surgeons fees will also fluctuate. The most experienced surgeon will charge more for procedure than a novice doctor.

8. Do I Need to Stay Overnight?

Yes you might need to stay overnight if your surgery needs a rib cartilage graft.

9. How Long Consultation Take?

Generally the consultation for the surgery takes an hour or two. But depending on your case it might take few extra hours if you are high risk patient.

10. When Can I Start Exercise After this?

After two weeks you are all fit to do exercise and can go gym. However, it is suggested to avoid physical activities for 4-5 weeks of the Nose Reshaping surgery.

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