Top 3 Men Hair Mistakes

We all have bad hair days from time to time, but what if your day turns to a month or even half a year? You shouldn’t blame your barber, genetics or environmental factors in your failure. Endless hair problems are usually caused by men themselves. It is time to look deeper in your hair care routine and define whether you are ruining your hair every single day or no. Our professionals at nyc barbershop created top three hairstyling mistakes men usually make. Read our article and define whether you fall inside the category of such guys or no. 
Mistake # 1 Overstyling
It is a good thing if you regularly style your hair, take care of it and pamper from time to time. However, you should know when it is time to stop. Overstyling has two major disadvantages: first heat styling tools dry your hair out, make it weak and damaged. Second – you are risking to look silly. For example, applying too much gel or wax will look plastic and artificial. If you have medium or long hair, excessive spraying can turn you to a poodle.
Mistake # 2 Harsh washing
We know that you are cool, strong and self – confident men, capable of everything, there is no need to prove it shampooing your hair. Washing your head too rude, you damage hair follicles, hidden in your scalp and provoke early balding. Be gentle to your mane, pamper it with essential oils and nourish with conditioner and creams, and it will be grateful to you.
Mistake # 3 Using all – in – one products
The product that does everything is absolutely useless remedy. It is impossible to create a shampoo that nourished your hair, condition every strand and wash your body! Even if you find the one,  be wise and avoid buying it. Remember: miser pays twice.  Your 2-in-1 product might be opening and cleaning the cuticles but it doesn’t handle the closing part which means that ultimately your hair ends up dirtier anyway.
Follow our tips, and do not commit these fatal mistakes. Proper hair routine is of strong, healthy mane until the old age.