Waterless Car Wash – Yes you can clean your car without water!

Traditional car washing methods include water as a mandatory ingredient for cleaning. With innovations evolving in every field, automobile sector is now turning towards waterless car wash which will make you think twice if you can really do so! Well yes, you can.

What is waterless car wash?

The waterless car wash is one of the most recent innovations in car care products. The idea behind innovating waterless carwash products is to replace traditional products which can make the car washing process easier, much quicker at less effort. This product gives a good finish to a traditional car washing products.

Advanced surfactants, lubricants and emulsifiers are used in waterless car wash products to encapsulate the dirt particles effectively. They can be easily removed by microfiber towel or a washing implement.

Waterless wash products are of two types. One can be sprayed directly onto the vehicle then remove and buff them with a microfiber towel.  Other is added to a bucket of water first and applied to the vehicle with the help of wash mitt or a sponge which is same like the traditional car washing process and then buff the surface with a microfiber towel.

Undoubtedly, both types of products contain water so they are not actually ‘waterless’. But people who are used to the traditional car washing method thinks that cleaning vehicle without using the water can damage the paintwork, no matter how advanced ingredients are. While others use these products regularly but they don’t face problems of scratches and swirl marks. So if the instructions are followed while washing car waterless then it will not scratch your vehicle.

Experts don’t recommend using waterless car products on a vehicle which is heavily covered with mud. You can use it

Can it cause scratches?

As long as the instructions are followed then this will not scratch your vehicle. Experts don't recommend applying to a heavily soiled, thickly covered muddy vehicle but for your everyday road dirt grime like in the video below, our formula can be applied directly.

Benefits of waterless car washing

As per the survey, it is 4time quicker than traditional methods.

·         It saves money because you don’t need to buy individual products to perform tasks.

·         Gives professional results which last for weeks.

·         The most important is you can use it anywhere & anytime because all you need is waterless car wash product and microfiber towels to deal with a dirty car.

·         Save water by using waterless car wash method. It can save up to 400 litres per wash and you can save the earth by not wasting water.

Can Car be washed with the Waterless method? Know such myths.

There are a lot of myths in the market about the waterless car washing. Most popular is that they scratch the car’s paint. Actually, it may be the result of poor quality product and improper techniques of using car detailing products.

Always use quality microfiber cleaning cloth while using waterless car care products. If you choose low-quality microfiber towels, they can leave small scratches on the paint surface. Moreover, they are not eco-friendly and are composed of chemicals which are eco-friendly neither. 

Car cleaning results majorly rely on the products you choose for the same. Go for VOC complaint product which is considered safe and is recommended by car detailing experts. Waterless car detailing products helps the environment by saving water in every car wash.


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