Ways to make the biggest Splash

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Splash Cincinnati Indoor Water Park with an area only 50,000 sq.


Summary: The best way to beat the sunny summers is to visit a waterpark and even better an indoor water park and cool off in the pool with your friends and family. Impress your friends & family with a louder, bigger and wetter splash, with an epic Splashy Cannonball.

Description: What Happens During a Cannonball?

Make the Biggest Splash at Splash Waterpark.

For the bigger and louder splash, the key is to act like a sphere. Simplest way to all is to hold our knees when you jump in the pool, as soon as your body hits the water, it displaces to make room for your body. Since you kept your body, spherical water has no place to escape. It results in the water shooting outwards and upwards.

What happens inside the water is also interesting, as your body moves down inside the pool it forms an air cavity like an hour glass. When the cavity becomes bigger, the water rushes inwards to fill the cavity and collapses further inwards resulting in completely collapsing and spraying the water outwards and you get your biggest splash!

The size of the water splash depends on the speed; the 300-foot long, thrilling water slide is perfect for attaining the highest speeds. The larger the person, the bigger the splash as heavier objects will form deeper air cavities in water. So kids now you know why your dad can make louder and bigger splash.

It might get too technical, but there is another way to increase the size of your splash by wearing new clothes, or a hydrophobic or water polo swimsuit to make hydrophobic (water-resisting).

Try out ways to make the greatest splash at the Splash Amusement Park in Cincinnati boasts exciting adventures. Cheerful giggles, great family time or a memorable birthday party, a wait inside this fun creation. Be assured, from youngest to oldest family member there is a thrilling adventure waiting for you at 84 degrees, pleasantly warm water park.

Author Bio: Splash is an Indoor Water Park In Cincinnati Ohio. It is spread across an area of 50,000 square feet and is ornamented with beautiful palm trees, bright colors, and a year-round 84-degree weather. Make the most of your indoor water adventure with sunrise cafe, thrilling water slides, Kids’ Birthday Parties area, private party rooms, and amazing video Arcade Games.