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Indian weddings are never boring. We all know why. Yes you guessed right! The massive spread of food and the other festivities of course!  No wedding is complete without a plethora of good food and satisfied guests. A truly memorable event is always accompanied by the finest indulgences.  At Good Food concept we offer the best wedding catering service in Mumbai. From the creamy curries to rich chocolaty desserts, we ensure it is an amazing spread and we will never compromise.

Food Concept believes in catering memorable events and takes privilege in catering your special event with our sterling concepts, delectable cuisines, experienced staff, remarkable service and awe inspiring presentation. We rest heavily on paying scrupulous attention to detail and unrelenting innovation with our marvelous catering service so that every moment spent with us becomes memorable.

Food menus

A primarily vegetarian cuisine is identified as sweet, salty and spicy at the same time. The distinctiveness and superiority of food is enjoyed in the pleothara of dishes we offer. Deliciously rich and exotic in flavor, the cuisine features an array of sweets. Our sweets garnished with groundnuts, cardamom, and saffron is expertly made by our skilled team of chefs. It’s sweet soothing texture is delicious in summer, but is also perfect for the finale of one of our majestic banquets.

North Indian food

We are very passionate about Indian food, and the minute nuances that differentiate the region cuisines. Northern Indian food incorporates a variety of cooking techniques and a variety of ingredients, unique to this region. It is very much popular for producing some of the most exotic styles of cooking. Our specialists’ chefs have repertories that include rich and creamy creations, with liberal of all the ingredients. We have an extensive choice in keeping our quality of kheer, a creamy rice pudding, delicately flavored with cardamom and packed full of nuts. Our main course cuisines are savoury dishes, some of them subtly flavored in a sweet and spicy sauce and some are garnished with chopped coriander leaves and fresh cream.

South Indian food

South Indian cuisines are known for wide range of options to the food lovers. Our chefs are incredibly meticulous when it comes to sourcing the finest ingredients, which ensures that our cuisines are 100% authentic in taste and true reflection of the region it embodies. It is no surprise that majority of our dishes are of wide variety. Our varieties of Biriyanis, including the aromatic and fragrant of other types of Biriyani slow cooked are all our special dishes and something of real treat.

Our Desserts

Our Desserts are an important to us as the main course ranging from kulfis to Sorbet to Brownies to Natural flavored ice cream.

There are many wedding caterers in Mumbai among which Good Food Concept is serving with smile and full stomach. We are experts at Cooking up various dishes which offer the eaters a super fine dine experience for your event at your venue. At Good Food concept we believe a menu is only good as its execution.