Wessam Bou-Assaly studies Neurology and Head and Neck Imaging

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Neuroradiology is a sub discipline of radiology. Between 2004 and 2006, Doctor Wessam Bou-Assaly worked with the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis, Indiana to complete a fellowship program in neuroradiology and head and neck imaging. He is a specialized radiologist who enjoys practicing state of the art medicine and doing medical research. He has written several peer-reviewed papers that deal with topic related to neuroradiology and head and neck imaging including, “CT Imaging of Acute Neck Inflammatory Processes: A Pictorial View,” “Contemporary Imaging of Incidentally Discovered Adrenal Masses,” and “Neuroradiology Emergency: Emergency Head and Neck Processes.”

Wessam Bou-Assaly began his career in this field by earning a medical degree from a French University. He then completed his radiology residency in Caen and Lille in France. He knew he wanted to specialize in Neuroradiology, and decided to look for fellowship programs in the United States of American. He spent two years working on his neuroradiology training at the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis, Indiana. He learned about this field, and then advanced his education even more by completing a fellowship program in Nuclear Medicine and PET CT. He chose to enter the field of neuroradiology because he was interested in brain imaging and diagnosing head and neck diseases and injuries.

Radiologists who want to work in neuroradiology, must become certified through the American Board of Radiology. Doctor Wessam Bou-Assaly has a Certificate of Added Qualification (CAQ) in Neuroradiology and Head and Neck Injuries. He is fully qualified to practice in this field of medicine and is highly educated. He not only practices neuroradiology, but he also does research in this field. He has written several peer-reviewed publications on topics that are categorized under neuroradiology. He has spent years working to advance his career through medical research.

He is a skilled academic who is interested in medical research. He is dedicated to advancing the field of medicine and enjoys exploring new research and topics. He has been a publication reviewer as well. He has reviewed papers and publications for several academic journals including European Radiology, World Journal of Radiology, Clinical Radiology, Advances in Computed Tomography, and Clinical Imaging. He is very experienced in the academic would as well as the medical world. Doctor Wessam Bou-Assaly is a talented and experienced radiologist who has had years of training. He enjoys working and studying in the sub discipline of neuroradiology.

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