What's Papa Samyam in Horoscope Corresponding, Kundali milan

PAPASAMYAM is really a south Indian method to assess the doshas in horoscope. This really is a very good software in south Indian astrology for examining the total amount of doshas in horoscope of the boy and lady and decide about their marriage.

Why checking Papa samyam is essential in Horoscope matching / Kundali Milan.

Papa samyam means managing of affliction. If you have dosha exists in one horoscope it must be nullified by related dosha in different chart. Because of this the total dosha regarding free astrology in each horoscope needs to be determined and then compared.

Sunlight, Mars, Rahu and Saturn would be the malefic planets in the horoscope which may have possible to cause great trouble to the native depending upon their place and energy in the horoscope. Different planet don't make any dosha.

Papa samayam is the compatibility of dosha in the horoscope of child and girl as a result of condition of the papa graha. Once the malefic planets have been in the 1,2,4, 7, 8, 12th place from Ascendant or Lagna, Moon or Chandra, and Venus they kind a dosha. If the aforementioned malefic are situated in the above mentioned properties from lagana, moon amd Venus in women horoscope, it ought to be coordinated only with male horoscope, having papa graham in the aforementioned said 5 properties and vice versa.

The sum total level of Dosham for the child and lady must be determined at the time of horoscope comparison for marriage. If the dosha is more for the lady than the child, then union isn't recommended. If the dosha is more for the child or it is equivalent for equally union will be recommended.