Why Do Car Batteries Die?

Your car’s battery is important. It provides the power it needs to start. It also stores electricity the alternator creates and powers accessories when the car is off. Obviously, you need your battery to function. Oftentimes, however, the battery wears out or “dies.”  There are various reasons why car batteries die.  Here are the most common:

• Forgetting to Turn Off Headlights or Internal Lights. These days, most cars signal whenever the headlights or internal lights are left on and many modern vehicles automatically turn off the headlights. Yet, people still own older vehicles and there are still occasions when the headlights or internal lights remain on.

• Not Fully Closing a Door. If a door is not fully closed, it will cause the interior lights and/or the dashboard lights to remain on, which will drain the battery.

• Using Accessories with the Car Off. If you listen to the radio or put on the air conditioner or heater or use any other accessory without putting on the car, the battery will drain pretty quickly. 

• Defective Relay Switch. A relay finalizes a circuit and allows electricity to pass. If a relay gets stuck in an on position while the car is off, it will keep electricity flowing and drain the battery.

• The Battery Has Lived Out Its Life. Batteries last only about five years, at which point they require replacement. 

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