Why do traders fail in trading

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Do you know why traders fail? Although the Forex market is difficult they are successful traders in the market because success can be achieved no matter what. You would have heard that there's a cliché of higher losing traders in the market. But you should not give up trading for that because there are profitable traders as well. There are many successful Singaporean traders who had left their 9-5 monotonous job and who had waved ‘goodbye' to the modern day slavery so are they not succeeding in the market of Forex? Rather than thinking about the losing traders, you should think why they are losing. You should think about the reason why they are failing in the market. If you understand the reason why they are failing you will be able to overcome such mistakes in your trading career. You should take a look at your trading method and style only then it will be easy for you to correct the mistakes. If you don't want to become the victim of the modern society's slavery you should make sure to succeed in your Forex trading career. Let us read the article to identify the mistakes.

Not considering the demo accounts
What is the major problem of the traders who are failing in trading? Well, they do not understand the importance of demo trading account.  Actually, if you demo trade you will be able to know the trading platform which you are using and you will be able to get the complete understanding of it before you enter the live account. When you demo trade you will be able to find out whether you are familiar the trading strategy or not. When you are practicing you will be able to try out new thing but without losing money. Most of the naïve traders who fail in trading they do not give much importance to the demo trading thinking that it is a waste of time. Well, it is not a waste of time activity each and everything you practice on a demo account will be useful in the live trading environment.  You do not have to demo trade for a longer time you should demo trade until you become well-acquainted with the trading market.  But you should remember, if a trader is failing in the Forex market the major reason is that he or she doesn't know the importance of the demo account and does not give much concern for it.

Not taking it simply
The second biggest mistake is that they complicate trading. They should not think about the trading process as a difficult thing instead they should consider it simply. When you take things simply you will be able to trade it successfully. 

Not accepting the fact
If you plan well you will be able to control the losses but most of the traders who fail in the market do not accept it. They trade the market without a proper plan so you should bear in mind to have a successful trading plan if you want to become successful in the market. You should accept that it is a great method to achieve.

Being new traders it’s very normal to have some losing trades but this doesn’t mean that you will have to quit your trading career. Losing is nothing but a part of your trading career. You need to learn about technical and fundamental ****ysis very precisely so that you don’t have to face bug loses in any single trade. Some traders often trade this market based on their emotion but this is one of the major cause to blow their entire trading account. Look at the professional traders at Saxo and see how they are dealing with the dynamic nature of this market. Never think that you will not become successful in this industry. If you can do the hard work then this industry is ready to make you a successful trader.