Why should you try Challenges to do with friends?

If you live on social media, then you may know some Challenges to do with friends. There are many trending challenges such as ice bucket, gallon milk and more on the internet. You might be familiar with the ice bucket challenge because it was trending on YouTube. You have to bath in the icy cold water.

What is thumb challenge?

In the case of thumb challenge, both of you should not use your thumb for the entire day. You may wrap your thumbs by wrapping a cloth to stick to the rule. If one failed to fulfil the challenge, then he/she will be punished. You may try thecinnamon challenge with your friends.

What is hot pepper challenge?

Hot pepper challenge can be found under top 10 challenges. You have to eat hot pepper more than your friends. Apart from that, you cannot drink water for nine seconds. The winner will be that one who has eaten the most pepper. In the case of allergies, you should not take this challenge. It might feel you sick.

What are the famous challenges of 2016?

Raw onion challenge
Warhead Challenge
Lemon challenge

Why should girls try no light makeup?

You may try no light makeup challenge because it is very famous among the Challenges to do with friends. However, it is only for the girls; it also gives a lot of fun to boys. You have to make up in a dark room without turning on any light. The winner will be that face with perfect makeup. Click here to know more details about how to do challenges with friends.