The Wonder Of Nature- The Fraser Island


Fraser Island is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Australia ,located at the south eastern coast of Queensland. The island is one of the natural wonders as it the only place where rainforest grows over the sand. And if you are wondering what kind of the rainforests grow over the sandy island then just pack your bags and get ready for a fun filled and exciting holidays at the most amazing Fraser Island. The island was home to Butchullas who named it K’gari, which meant paradise. There goes a legend that when the K’gari Godess was creating this earth, she fell in love with the beauty of her creation and expressed her desire to stay back on earth. The Yendengie converted her into Fraser Island. The modern name was kept after Elisa Fraser, a ship wreck survivor. The diverse landscape offers a wide range of flora and fauna. Eucalyptus woodlands, rainforests, mangrove forests, sand dunes and coastal heaths are amazing features present at the island. The island is protected by the Great Sandy Island. Another uniqueness is that the sand dunes support abundant species. With such wide topography, clear perched lakes and the white sands of the beaches, the island is simply stunning. To explore and discover this wonderful island, choose Sunset Safaris as your co-voyager. They are the best tour operators in the region. The fleet of specially designed 4WD vehicles offer a restful journey across the island and do not compromise on the outside view. You can enjoy the picturesque island view with the maximum comfort.

Fraser Island 2-day tours are quite popular among the travellers. It covers all the major tourist attraction points. The departing points can be opted according to your convenience. You can either choose Brisbane or Gold Coast as your pick up point to Fraser Island. The Cooloola National Park trip is a free tour offered by Sunset Safaris. The places covered are the Noosa North Point where you can get close to the native species of Australia-the kangaroos and can hand feed them. The Teewah Beach is stunning and the vibrant colours of Rainbow Beach will leave a life time memory etched in the deepest cores of your heart. The Red Canyon is simply alluring, standing right there with the electrifying red colour. This is a short cut passage and the Sunset safaris make sure that at no point your trip becomes monotonous or boring. And that is why they offer a 4WD along the pristine Pacific Ocean instead of following the road way

As you reach the Fraser Island, you will find that it is indeed a paradise. The clear perched Lake McKenzie surrounded by the white sand is awe-inspiring. You cannot hold the water lover inside you. Jump into it and refresh yourself with the fresh waters. In the times of social media craze, of course you would like to upload few of the best pictures of yours. Maheno Wrecks is a picture perfect spot. And not only this, you can snorkel the wrecks and discover every nook and corner. The equipments and the snorkelling gears are provided by Sunset Safaris. The underwater tours are fully guided so that even the non-swimmers can enjoy the depth of the ocean, Lake Birrabeen is almost the virgin sight. This place is less crowded and most beautiful. You can have moments of privacy and enjoy the company of yourself, being away from the crowd. The Eli Creek is another major point of attraction. Have a walk to remember down to the beach front in the clear waters of this creek. The Indian Head offers amazing sight of the whales, dolphins and the marine turtles. The Yidney Dripping rocks will surely leave you mesmerized. The nights will be as amazing as days. The guided beach walk under the stars is an extraordinary experience. The beach parties will awaken the party animal inside you.

With such wonderful sights the Fraser Island Discovery is one of its own kind experience and a must visit once in a life time. The Sunset Safaris are there to cater to every need and give you maximum fun along with the leisure and comfort.

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