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UAE leads world with highest number of international schools

UAE leads world with highest number of international schools

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has retained its position at the top of the world’s listing for countries with the most number of English medium international schools at 589, compared to only 511 last year.


The data was released by The International Schools Consultancy (ISC), a leading global market intelligence and research firm focused on international English speaking schools as part of a report that will be presented in full at the forthcoming International Private Schools Education Forum (IPSEF) Middle East on 2728 September 2016 at the Jumeirah Creekside Hotel.

Senior Graphics Designer jobs in Pondicherry

Greetings From Whitefont Technologies!!!!


A chennai based IT company looking for Senior Graphics Designer for their Pondicherry branch.


we have an urgent opening for Graphic Designer.


Skills Required :

·         Experience Required : 1-3 years .

·         CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator,Photoshop,2D Animation Drawing .


Looking for Immediate joinees.

Childrens made to measure murals

Gone are the days when the sole purpose of a child’s bedroom was to sleep in and at most, to do homework in. Recent trends are to create children’s bedrooms that are as exciting and fabulous as any other room in the house.

We need to teach children respect and taking pride and responsibility for their own things. A great way to do this is by creating a nice bedroom they like and like spending time in. We need to create a safe haven for them.

How to Get a Job Fast

If you're looking to get a job fast, whether it's because you have to or want to, in today's "high-tech" society with its "high-tech" mentality, it's real easy to overlook some tried-and-true "low-tech" sources of fast jobs...
Here are three of the best:

Fast Job Source #1 - People You Know

Reasons to hire a real good job consultancy

Do you know why there is a need of taking the help of a job consultancy attaining a good job position? There are multiple reasons for hiring a job agency. Some are listed below:
1. A job consultancy acts between employers and employees. Employers need the efficient employees for running their business and employees need suitable job posts of their field. A consultancy joins these two with a perfect bridge.

Take Various Opportunities Job Fields

Do you want to know the details of different jobs available in Kolkata? You must step into Dream Job Kolkata. The organization has become a great support to the job seekers in Kolkata. They have strong knowledge about how an individual grows brilliant distinctness that he can challenge any job of his field. Actually, it is crucial for individuals to know them properly, their skill, individuality, and weak point. If they can detect what they are carrying with them, they can do rectification easily.

Find Genuine Online Job Portals To Post Freelance Jobs

chinese factory inspection

Many companies are often struck when they have to operate in a foreign country due to language barrier or failing in finding the local talent to get their tasks done. But not anymore as now you can post freelance jobs online on the iworku platform to find employees with professional’s skills willing to work as freelancers to get your job done. All you need is to post your job description and requirements like the place of work, qualification and experience expected, job budget, language required, deadline for the project etc.

How to Manage Creative Teams to Get the Best Out of Them

Managing and leading traditional teams is difficult, but managing and leading creative teams can be much more difficult due to the nature of the job and the people involved.  You should strike the perfect balance between working through the creative challenge and meeting deadlines, and keeping the spirit of creativity high always.


Here are four tips that will help in managing creative teams more effectively


1.  Be the Boss but Don’t Be Bossy


Middle East’s top education awards programme increases international interest; call for entries announced

Middle East’s top education awards programme increases international interest; call for entries announced

The GESS Education Awards has announced it is now accepting entries for the fourth edition of the premier education awards in the region.


GESS Education Awards (GEA) has recognized and rewarded the quality and diversity of educational products, resources, services and people as well as the best educational institutions and outstanding accomplishments of education professionals to raise quality standards for teaching and learning in schools across the region.


Know About How to make a Resume at

How to make a resume is a type of skill that needs a lot of mastering more than what the writer thinks. Whether you have a lot of experience in this industry or you are joining the field chances of getting a job interview is more likely if you have a good resume that will show your experience plus skills. Resume is the first contact that you will make between you and the employer. When you have a solid resume this will help to boost chances of getting a job that you have been dreaming about.

Recent Grads: Write Your Professional Story With Resume Help

Finished with your studies and ready to branch out into your career? This goodbye to the education system and hello to a whole new era is both thrilling and full of questions. It requires finding positions worthy of the sweat-stains on your textbooks and the dreams that motivated long nights of reading. Not to mention, the new financial obligations you will take on as a graduate! What is your first step, recent grad? You need a fantastic resume that will tell your professional story as a new addition to the workforce.

Create Your Perfect Resume with Professional Resume Help

No matter your industry, there are a limited number of positions and a growing number of candidates. There is strong competition for every job advertised and for each one, there are probably already several candidates being evaluated. Do not let this intimidate you! It is a scary thought, but there are strategies on how you can be that fist-pumping fellow who comes out on top of the pile and lands the job! The most important first step is to make an attractive case to your future employers.

Gift Yourself the Best Career Guidance and Counseling

Job opportunities in Kolkata

Finding a suitable and expert job consultancy is a hard job really. There are many names in the market and each one claims that they are the famous consultancy; capable of providing good services to the job seeking candidates, but no one knows the truth of this statement. The job market is vast and diverse and having the knowledge of every single field, one needs huge experience, knowledge, and understanding about the field.

The essentiality of a job consultancy firm

Do you know the functions of a job consultancy? To answer this question, first, you need to know the definition of it. Job consultancy is the destination that has enormous strength and knowledge about the job market and it works between two individuals, one is job giver and another is job receivers. It works like a mediator and benefits both of the clients as the highest.
Benefits of it to an employer  

Which UK Academy is the Best for Aesthetic and Beauty Styling Courses?

To look beautiful and attractive is an undying wish or very first dream of every woman on this planet, right? If you are a woman reading this, then you must probably go on. Well, your appearance is the first thing that everyone notices at the first sight and spontaneously makes a judgment about you. Though you might be significantly beautiful enough from inside, but a gloomy appearance and a dull personality is surely not going to give you any rewards in college group, friend circles or at your job. This is a big TURN OFF! And surely, no one wants that.

Make A Winning Impression; Hire A Professional Cover Letter Writing Service

You worked so hard to land the job that you have. So, now what happens if you want or need to change your job? You simply need to show yourself as the perfect fit for hiring, and a well-crafted cover letter is just the communication tool to do so. Write a compelling yet concise letter that will make your potential employer’s decision easy. They will take 6 seconds with your letter and know that they want you!

Increase Your Professional Presence With Linkedin

Do have a LinkedIn profile? If you do, is your profile actually effective? It is important to not only have one set up but to also have a credible and visible presence that will actually benefit you. If you want LinkedIn to do your job searching for you, it is time to ****yze your professional presence. Recruiters will look for the best matches and the most accessible profiles and strategizing on how to streamline their process is your best bet. Make yourself visible to them as well as other professionals in your field!


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