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Top 3 Men Hair Mistakes

We all have bad hair days from time to time, but what if your day turns to a month or even half a year? You shouldn’t blame your barber, genetics or environmental factors in your failure. Endless hair problems are usually caused by men themselves. It is time to look deeper in your hair care routine and define whether you are ruining your hair every single day or no. Our professionals at nyc barbershop created top three hairstyling mistakes men usually make.

Change your hairstyle right now

Trying something new is always a good thing. if you don’t know whether you need to change your hairstyle or not, have a close look at the mirror, do you like what you observe? Does your hair looks clean and neat, or some hairs stick out uncontrollably, creating a whole lot of mess? Or maybe you stuck in one hairstyle for years and cannot get over it. No matter what is your stimulus, this summer is the best time to experience some transformation.

Best Natural Curly Hair Products Of All Times

If you have curly hair, experimenting with styling products is not your favorite thing to do. Such passion for trying new things can cost you pretty much. You simply don’t have time to play with products, that can leave you with sticky, plastic looking curls and dirty roots. Luckily, you don’t have to search the whole Internet in order to find the best remedy. Our professional barber midtown east collected three best natural curly hair products of all times. Minimum chemicals, no risk and maximum benefit.

Best haircuts for round faces

The secret of beautiful look every single day does far beyond products you use to style your hair.  If your hairstyle simply doesn’t fit you, no wax or hair mousse can fix it. That is why it is extremely important to choose the right hairstyle depending on your face shape. Your cut is like a solid foundation for the whole look you embrace day after day, so take care of it.

Modern beard myths

Long and thick beard continues to be one of the most popular fashion trends among men all over the world. However, for many of us, growing out a beautiful beard appears to be too difficult task. It happens because of thousands of myths, which envelop the whole process. Our specialist at Ray barbershop are here to help you. Today, we are going to dispel three, most common fallacies about your facial hair. Check the out and discover whether you got into the network of misunderstanding or not.

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Gray Hair

There are two types of people: the first one confidently embrace gray haired hairstyles, other feel a panic attack when see first gray strands on their heads.  It is quite strange how a single lock can change our mood completely, or even cause a depression. Nevertheless, maybe your sadness is caused by lack of knowledge? In fact, turning gray is absolutely natural process that is impossible to stop, but you can easily hide it, if you don’t like. People say gray strands are like a symbol of wisdom and intelligence, so it could be a reason to be proud of!

Eight Trends You Need To Know About For This Summer

Tired from casual T-shirt with jeans? Check out these best trends provided by the top stylists at Midtown barbershop, which you need to try before the summer ends.

#1 Shorts
Shorts have long been a controversial subject in men's fashion because not many guys like to show their knees. There are many variations of cool shorts you may not know about. Instead of casual jeans, you can wear cotton shorts with a funny print. Looks very classic and stylish and suit to classic leather loafers.

How to Lose Weight in a Week? – Some Tips to Consider

Losing weight is difficult than gaining weight. You are needed to be completely dedicated if you have decided to lose weight. Before losing weight, knowing the reason for gaining the same is vital. This will help in knowing what needs to be done. There are a number of people who look forward to losing weight quickly and easily. Well, you should know, losing weight in a week is not that easy, but you are bound to notice some significant changes and shed few kilos. But, then do not lose hope.


There’s no better magic than a swipe of lipstick. It can brighten up any look and take whatever you’re wearing to a whole new level. Whether you apply red, orange, maroon or purple, lipstick when worn right can do wonders for your look. Here is a stepwise breakdown of how to apply lipstick the right way…

Wedding ideas for indian marriage

Indian weddings are customarily multi-day undertakings, and include numerous complicated services, for example, the work of art of the hands and feet of the lady of the hour called a mehndi. Festoons are displayed to visitors of respect rather than corsages, and loads of bloom or flower petals are tossed for good fortunes.

How To Apply Makeup

Applying makeup is easy, but applying makeup in a way that flatters you might take some practice. You’ve got to find the right shade of foundation and concealer, apply makeup with the right strokes and right brush, then take the right makeup steps to apply your bronzer or highlighter and choose the right colour for your blush and lipstick too! If you’ve been looking up the steps on how to apply makeup or trying ways to make applying makeup simpler, here is a guide…

How To Get Fair Skin

In a country like India where the sun is directly above us for the greater part of the year, getting fair skin can be a daunting task. Too much sun exposure, pollution, the humidity and grime all make it difficult to retain our skin’s texture, health and original complexion. So what are the measures you need to take to get brighter skin? Here’s a list of some of the most tried and tested skin care tips for fair skin that you should begin to include in your beauty routine at the earliest…

Keratin treatment for everybody

Smooth, beautiful hair is a reason to be proud of for every girl. Unfortunately, not everybody have such hair since birth; some women have to make a whole bunch of efforts to reach coveted effect. Modern hair technologies, available at hair salons, can make your life much easier and bring your dreams to life. For example, keratin treatment in NYC is one of such technologies that allows you to smoothen and straighten your hair with the help of incorporating natural protein – keratin – into your mane.

Compress Image in Android using ImageZipper Library

We all know that good UI is important key factor for app success and for UI informative image is most important. But nowadays we don’t care about the size of that image which makes app bigger and bigger in size. ImageZipper is an image compression library which helps you to compress your images both in default and custom way. It allows you to control you the width, height, format, orientation and quality of Image. It ease out the task to send images to the server.

How to Android Image Compression Using ImageZipper Library?


How to make marketing strategy on back to school season


More than half of the summer holiday has gone, the commencement time into the countdown. As an online shop owner, do you make any strategy for upcoming shopping season? Back to school season contains huge sales opportunities, according to statistics, 2016 US back to school total sales is up to 64.5 billion US dollars. According to eMarketer forecast (slightly different from the NRF data) 2017 back to school season online sales will grow 14.8% to $ 74.03 billion.

How to use FileStack File Picker for Cloud in Android?

FileStack Android allow your users to pull in their content from Dropbox, Facebook, and more!
FileStack Android : Amazing Cloud File Picker
It is an amazing cloud integrated file picker by which you got ability to integrate and allow your users to upload and download content from more than 20 cloud drives.
FileStack Android library provides an activity that your app can spawn that allows the user to open and save files.
FileStack Android Example
FileStack Android Example
How to use FileStack Android library:

For Gradle users:

How to replace and repair screen of iPhone 6s plus

How to do with iPhone 6s Plus screen broken? Most users first think that whether it can be free warranty. Of course, if the screen is cracked caused by you are not careful to use, certainly there is no free warranty. In fact, if you own hands-on ability, then you can repair that broken iPhone 6 Plus screen. The following content step by step teaches you to repair iPhone6 Plus screen.


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